Holistic Living – A Path to the Total You

Holistic means emphasizing the whole rather than the parts. It is the difference between examining an orange in its entirety or breaking it apart and examining only one segment of the fruit. When you only examine one segment, you miss the beauty and precision as the parts balance the whole.

Therefore, holistic living can be termed as looking at the whole orange of your life. It is a balance between finances, health, relationships, and spirituality. The purpose of holistic living is to enhance the whole experience as your body, soul, and mind segments fuse with one another. Heavy concentration in only one area of your life can lead to imbalance and illness.

There are elemental concepts of holistic healing through living that will prove beneficial to you. Do you feel like time is too short for your accomplishments? Are you stressed out or overwrought practically every day? Do you feel like your personal intimate relationship is lacklustre and without passion? Are you too tired to exercise or play? Are you depressed and question your very existence?

These are common complaints from people who seek a quieter yet more fulfilling life for themselves as they explore holistic principles in living.

You nod your head in agreement but you want specifics. How can holistic living help me? What principles are there for me?

Let us answer that by looking closer at the segments of your life.

If you are constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul, working just to get by or to pay off bills, you are likely to be unhealthy in body and spirit. The weakness in the body and spirit tears down the financial wall you are trying to build, no matter how hard you scramble.

However, if your whole focus is centered on a relationship, you lose the joy of a job well done or the quiet contemplation of a beautiful day. You’re so busy worrying about the other person in the relationship that the self that is you droops and wilts.

Draining the spiritual and emotional segments of your makeup to worship and build up the body in its purest form, may only burnish the outer shell without any brilliance applied to the inside. This can make you shallow and callous to others and their needs.

Finally, if you focus only on the spiritual, looking heavenward for your redemption, you miss the opportunity to spread the joy of spiritual contentment to others. This countermands the good and righteous tenets of your spiritual quest and paradoxically, you harm more than you help.

Therefore, by actually identifying and addressing the imbalances that threaten your ability to realize your full potential as a human being, you are can begin to experience the powerful possibilities that exist through holistic living.

Nevertheless, remember holistic living is also about the environment. A true holistic lifestyle embraces the bounty of the earth, the air and the sea. To embrace something is to provide for its enrichment and protection. Living in a bubble and never looking beyond your own front door is a counterbalance to any holistic work you employ for yourself.

Balance your inner being by nourishing your outer body with whole foods, fresh from the earth and you will find a new vitality and energy infusing all the aspects of your life.

Think globally and act locally, embracing your community, stewarding the earth and enhancing your own personal gifts. Holistic living lifts you from mere existence to truly living a life of balance, beauty and well-being.

Discover and integrate all of your beautiful segments, striving always to create the whole gift that is you.

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