Herbs Native to North America

Herbs have been used all throughout history of man. Using plants as a primary medicine goes back from ancient Mesopotamian civilizations to the Native Indian tribes of North America. According to Herb Palace, “The entire Middle East has a rich history of herbal healing. There are texts surviving from the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India that describe and illustrate the use of many medicinal plant products, including castor oil, linseed oil, and white poppies”. The native American Indians most important herbs were common cattail (Its roots are nutritious, high in protein and its leaves used for furniture), Prickly pear cactus (juicy sweet fruit with a watermelon taste),and Peppermint(Was stewed with dried fruits and berries). Modern day Americans take advantage of the archaic herbs in a supplement pill type form. Some of the most powerful herbs that provide maximum benefit to the human body are the plants Acacia, Bearberry, American Ginseng and Echinacea.

The Acacia plan is grown in the desert in the Southwest region of the United States. This plant normally grows between 4 to 12 feet in height, but if maintained, nurtured, and grown in ideal conditions the Acacia plant can reach up to between 2,000 and 5,000 in elevated feet. Providing protection from illness is what the Acaia plant does very well. The leaves, stems and flowers of this plant contain important antioxidants that have powerful effects. When the leaves, stems and flowers are gently crumbled they turn into a powder that has been used in tea to provide comfort to those with gastrointestinal inflammations caused by nausea, vommmitting, diarhea, and even the dreadful hangovers. The Acacia plant has also been used as a topical cream to clear up facial blemishes and acne. The ingenious Native Americans took advantage of the plant’s capablilities by using it for diaper rashes and for the sores on the backs of their horses.

Similar to how the workers of Colombia were known to smoke and chew the leaves of the poppy plant, the Native Americans of Southwest America were known to smoke the Bearberry plant for relaxation purposes. This plant’s aesthics include beautiful white or pink flowers that evolve into bright red berries that are a frequent meal to bears. The leaves of this plant has been taken advantage of by their antiseptic, diuretic and strigent qualities that have been significant in treating urinary tract problems and inflammations.

A powerful plant that has numerous fortifiying qualities for the immune system is American Ginseng that is grown in the eastern half of North America. This plant is a green plant with 3 leaflets, and the body of the plant has small greenish white flowers that bloom from the base of the leaves. Many of these plants have small groups of berries in the center of the plant. American Ginseng has a tremendous ability to fight all types of stress that range from emotional, biological, behavioral, viral or physical stress. The American Ginseng plant is classified as an adaptogen with the ability to lower levels of cortisol and reduce stress. The roots of this plant is the source of all of its benefits. This plant has been known to help prevent the common cold and possibly lowering blood sugar after a meal with people with type 2 diabetes. Native Americans usage of this plant/herb ranged from easing digestive complications to helping with sexual problems.

The Echinacea plant also known as the coneflower grows naturally throughtout the midwest section of the United States. This plant might resemble a daisy at first glance, but it is a brillo tough coneflower that has petals that can rage from white to pink. When it comes to clearing up acne and reducing the duration of a cold, this plant succeedss in those areas.

These plants have the ability to provide a healthy punch to any person’s daily diet intake. They have been used for thousands of years and the strength of these herbs have the ability to make any person healthier if they are taken advantage of. The Native tribes laid the blueprints and we should take advantage.

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