Herbs Known to Boost Dog Immunity

We do a lot to protect ourselves from disease and infection. We eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and do what we can to prevent the spread of disease by washing our hands, taking the right supplements, and so forth. We tell our children not to eat without washing their hands and put antiseptic on their wounds when they get hurt. But when it comes to our pets, we are often less observant of what it is that we can do to help keep them from becoming sick. It is important not to leave our our furry friends when thinking about health in the household.

The immune system plays an important part in preventing your dog from becoming ill. There are several experts who believe that while Western medicine has done a great deal to increase our capacity to cure illnesses and treat symptoms, it has lead us away from a path of prevention in many cases by not encouraging us to take steps that strengthen our body’s natural immune system. This might be changing, however, as homeopathic and herbal remedies are rising in popularity with each passing day.

Recurring issues with your dog’s health such as repeated urinary tract infections will usually only occur if your dog has an immune system which has in some way been weakened or compromised. This leads to a circular pattern that causes your dog to get into worse and worse shape. This is because a weakened immune system increases your dog’s susceptibility to infections, and these infections help to further weaken your dog’s immune system, which promotes further infection. It is important to stop this cycle in order for your dog’s health to improve.

There are several different types of herbs which can be used to help your dog’s immune system improve, but we will focus on three main herbs to get started with. Astragalus membranaceus, also known as Hung Qi, is an herb that helps to boos the immune system of your dog. This herb stimulates several different parts of the immune system in animals. It helps to promote the activity of white blood cells. This booster is especially useful in cases where the immune system has been damaged heavily by illness or treatments such as radiation therapy. Hung Qi is probably the most effective herb shown for improving your dog’s immune system.

Viscum album, known more commonly as Mistletoe, is an example of an herb which is beneficial in small quantities, but could be fatal in large doses. It has earned a reputation in Chinese herbal medicine as being helpful for the immune system of pets. Many studies have shown that it has been helpful both for animals and for humans when it comes to stimulation of the immune system.

Echinacea is not only helpful for humans, but for dogs as well. While Hung Qi is great for repairing a damaged immune system, Echinacea has an extraordinarily positive effect on an immune system that is already healthy. This helps to prevent a weakening of the immune system, and allows your dog to fight off infections with much more strength, allowing them to lead a healthy, long life.

Whether your dog is suffering from chronic issues or you are simply trying to prevent problems from occurring by giving your dog an immune system boost before any problems arise, an herbal immune system boost composed of these three herbs will do your dog’s health a great bit of good.

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