Herbs For Allergies – Providing Natural Allergy Relief

Suffering from allergies can be debilitating. The constant sneezing, sniffling and itchy eyes can be enough to drive a person to the brink of insanity. Prescription and over-the counter-medications might help with the suffering, but can often cause side effects that are worse than the allergies. Antihistamines can make you sleepy. Decongestants can affect your blood pressure, and some can make your mouth dry.

Some allergy symptoms you may not be aware of include a rapid heart rate, fatigue, headaches including migraines as well as gastrointestinal pain and bloating. Treating all of these symptoms can lead to more symptoms. However, there are other remedies available that some doctors may advise you to explore. The world of holistic and herbal medications offers many solutions to various health issues. If you suffer from allergies, consider using herbs as a natural and safe means for tackling your suffering.

First it is important to learn how allergies are making your life miserable. Histamines are the result of antibodies attacking foreign substances in your body. Your allergies result in this situation when your body sees benign substances as threats. As a result, histamines cause your sneezing, sniffling, coughing and other symptoms. As your immune system overreacts, an antihistamine is required to bring your body back to normal.

While most synthetic antihistamines produce a drowsy effect, natural ones are not as likely to. An herb such as
Stinging Nettle will do the work of an antihistamine with no sleepy side effects. Plus it is readily available at most vitamin stores. Butterbur, a European herb, is generating a lot of favorable responses in clinical trials due to its ability to control histamines with no side effects. Another popular herb that has been around for a long time is Golden Seal. A tonic made from this herb added to saline spray gets excellent results in preventing allergy symptoms.

Herbal decongestants such as Zinc or Selenium, as well as vitamins A, C and E are excellent natural ways to prevent a stuffy nose and other allergy symptoms by working together to reduce toxicity in the blood and tissues.

While herbal remedies are popular treatments for allergies, many experts in natural remedies also recommend certain nutrients for battling allergy symptoms. Grape seed extract is one well-known remedy. A flavonoid called quercetin is popular, particularly because it also acts as an antioxidant, reducing the risk of some cancers. These nutrients are both present in red wine as well as many other foods. When used in supplement form together with vitamin C, they can be very effective in reducing allergy symptoms.

While the list seems endless for herbal supplements or teas that are effective in combating allergy symptoms, it remains important to understand that herbal remedies can also have interactions and side effects. Researching herbs and their uses is important in any situation. If you are having allergy problems and want to steer away from the usual medications, discuss your situation with your doctor. By utilizing his or her expertise, you can also find out what kinds of interactions the herbs you choose might have.

Few of us consider interactions in over-the-counter and prescription medications, let alone what might happen with herbal supplements or teas. When consuming these products keep in mind the body systems affected. Internal reactions occur between tissues and organs, particularly the skin and lungs, including mucus membranes. Another system affected is the gastrointestinal tract. It is important to keep these in mind when treating allergy symptoms with herbal remedies. You may still need to consider symptoms and side effects, but generally these are easier to address and cause less stress on the body.

Natural allergy relief can provide answers without side effects for your suffering. Herbal supplements, vitamins and nutrients can all work together to relieve your symptoms. When choosing your regiment, don’t forget to make sure you do your research to ensure worry free herbal allergy relief.

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