Herbal Treatments for Panic Attacks Alleviates Symptoms

Panic attacks are sudden bouts of intense anxiety and people who have these attacks may experience breathing difficulties or an impending sense of doom or personal disaster. While the attacks may not last long, they are uncomfortable and may have lasting psychic damage. There are prescription drugs that help people manage these sudden panic attacks, but some people suffer adverse reactions to them and others cannot comfortably afford them. However, natural herbal treatments exist to manage panic attacks, instill a deep sense of relaxation in people who take the herbs, and help ward off the panic attacks.

Effective herbs for panic attacks are passion flower, valerian, St. John’s Wort, lemon balm, and black cohosh. These herbs are available as dried tea, in pill or capsule form, or as essential oils. All of them calm the mild and people who use them often take them before going to bed to ensure a good night’s sleep. When using them as a tea, people need to make sure that the herbs are completely pure to make sure that there is no filler in them so that they avoid caffeine, which can stimulate the central nervous system.

Besides using these herbs as tea, people can take them as pills or rub tiny amounts of the essential oils on the skin. Sometimes it is more convenient to take a pill than it is to brew a cup of tea, and the recommended daily dose can be spread out over the course of a day to keep the active ingredients in the body to help relax the mind and body, especially during stressful times at work or at home.

Other supplements that are beneficial for the nervous system are calcium and magnesium. People who drink a lot of bottled water or water from reverse osmosis systems often lack these minerals because they are flushed out of the filtered water. Having a glass or two of tap water each day will help build up the amounts of these vital minerals. These minerals are also widely available in tablet forms, as well.

Using natural remedies to mitigate or eliminate panic attacks is a good way to manage the incidence of the frightening and uncomfortable episodes. People who suffer from them should first consult their doctors about the condition and talk to him or her about using herbs to manage the attacks. Herbs are the basis of contemporary medicines and have been used for thousands of years to help people with conditions and diseases.

People who start a course of herbal treatment for panic attacks also need to be aware that allergies to herbal treatments do occur from time to time, and they may need to discontinue use of the herb that irritates them and try another one. Since there are a number of herbal options to manage these attacks, chances are they will find something that there is an ideal way to treat the condition without having to take prescription drugs to eliminate this uncomfortable condition using all natural ways to manage it and enjoy a calm and peaceful mind and body.

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