Herbal Diuretics for Water Retention

Have you ever wondered why you feel bloated even when you have just eaten the right quantity of food? Well, it must have something to do with your body’s water retention. Find out from this article how herbal diuretics can do wonders for this problem of yours.

A lot of people often complain about the feeling of being bloated. In fact, a person of average weight and someone who has excess weight can both suffer the same condition. That is because their bodies carry more than the normal water retention level. Among the usual symptoms include the tightness in the hands and fingers while performing exercises, extreme wind, dents in the skin left by the clothes worn for the day, and the swelling of the feet in their shoes. The culprit for that excess fluid is that of the body cells’ failure to take it up. This condition is therefore called edema.

On the other hand, bloating can also be caused by some foods you have taken in. There are those which contain irritating substances to your abdominal area. It is advised to eliminate them from your own diet and have your kidney functions investigated too. After all, the kidney plays a vital role in the proper fluid elimination of the body.

But, if you want a more precise way of eliminating those unwanted excess fluid, you can always consider the use of herbal diuretics.

Herbal diuretics talk about the herbs that can be used by the body to promote the decrease in water retention. It helps clear the excess fluid as stored in the tissues. The procedure is hence called “forced dieresis” or that which is likely referred to as the enhanced configuration of urine as enforced by diuretic compounds.

Herbal diuretics help lessen water retention and at the same time provide comfort and solution to a number of health problems all in a safe and natural method. That means you free yourself from those scary side effects. It can be used as an alternative to the water pills but should of course be prescribed and its use be supervised by a highly reputable medical or herbal practitioner.

Among those common and safe herbal diuretics recommended for use include the fennel, chicory, dandelion, hops, golden seal, mint, parsley, marshmallow, saffron, nettle, sassafras, sage, skullcap, saw palmetto berries, strawberry leaves, spearmint, wintergreen, St. John’s Wort, yarrow, and Uva-Ursi.

Herbal diuretics as an aid to balance your body’s water retention can be consumed via capsule, tea, or extract, while others can be integrated into salads. As always, it is best to use them under the care of your trusted health or herbal practitioner.

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