Herbal Beverages: Naturally Delicious Drinks for a Healthy Lifestyle

Naturally Delicious Drinks for a Healthy LifestyleIn this modern day and age, the sugary drink is often considered king. While our grandmothers and grandfathers often reached for a nice cup of tea to quench the thirst, we often reach for a chemical-laden sugary drink that has little nutrient content and is filled with questionable additives. The result of this modern dietary practice is a dramatic increase in diseases such as diabetes, which is directly connected to our out-of-control consumption of processed foods.

When you feel yourself craving a flavorful beverage, do not reach for that overly processed cola drink or sports drink. Consider instead an herbal beverage. Not only will you feel refreshed, but you will know that you are doing something positive for your health and longevity.

Following are a few ideas of delicious herbal beverages. There is no reason to ever get bored with your beverage choices when you have so many exciting flavors to explore. Quench your thirst with one of the following delicious herbal drinks.

Ginseng Tea

Very popular and China and Korea, Ginseng Tea is a great way to get up and going in the morning. Since it is a stimulant, it is a great substitute for morning coffee, which is often filled with fatty cream and sugars. For centuries, Ginseng Tea has been purported to give energy to anyone who drinks it. It may be just what you need to feel naturally refreshed as you start your day. Ginseng beverages can be consumed hot or cold, and there are many on the market today at health food stores and even at ordinary neighborhood supermarkets.

Rooibos Tea

Roobios Tea is very delicious. This tea is not actually a tea at all–it comes from a root. This root grown in South Africa has a reddish tint, so this beverage is sometimes referred to as “Red Tea”. Rooibos can be purchased in ready-to-use tea bags at any health food store. Rooibos tea is often found with the addition of honey, which can give it an appealing natural sweetness. There is no caffeine to be found in Rooibos Tea, so it is great for any time of the day or night.

Lemongrass Tea

Light and citrusy, Lemongrass Tea is a delightful and refreshing beverage. It is especially delicious during the warm summer months. Although cold prepared Lemongrass beverages may be a bit difficult to find, Lemongrass teabags are readily found to make your perfect cup of subtle citrus tea.

Mint Tea

Whether you drink it hot or as an iced-up thirst quencher during the summer, Mint has always been at the top of the thirst-quenching hierarchy. Nothing beats a sprig of mint crushed into a tall glass of iced water.

Hibiscus Tea

Popular in the Middle East as well as on the Japanese island of Okinawa, this is often used as a daily coffee substitute. It is made from the Hibiscus flower and is often combined in prepared beverages with Rose Hips. Okinawans have always associated this drink with longevity. There is no doubt that drinking Hibiscus Tea every morning instead of a frothy, sugary latte will help you to have a better health profile and, with some luck, a longer life span.

These are just a few of the many herbal beverages available on the market today. In fact, walking down the beverage aisle in your local health food store can often feel like a trip around the world of exotic natural beverages. After deciding to go fully herbal, however, you won’t be able to even imagine how you lived so long drinking sugary colas filled with chemicals and overbearing flavors. You will understand that REAL refreshment comes in the appeal of subtle, and NATURAL, herbal treats.

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