Growing Perennial Herbs is Easier than You Think

Flavoring your food naturally and bringing nutrition and nature back into your diet is really quite easy, much easier than you would think. Growing perennial herbs within your own kitchen is really quite easy and allows you to have full access to these flavors while they grow within your home. Although you may think there must be a lot of pruning, nurturing, and attention given to these perennial herbs, you will be surprised to find out that there isn’t much needed to have your kitchen turn into nature’s kitchen, full of the herbs that keep your food tasting fresh and great.

Planting Your Perennial Herbs
You can easily pick a sunny spot within your kitchen to plan your perennial herbs within small beds and borders along the windows and countertops in the kitchen. As they are growing, pinching back the tips will promote new growth, while providing you with a bit of flavoring for your food or for creating an aroma or health drink. Even if you prefer an outdoor garden, these perennial herbs are extremely simple to grow. Sowing the seeds in a small section of the garden or even within nursery pots that offer sufficient room, will begin to grow with nature’s natural cues.

Providing the Cue to Grow
As perennial herbs need a bit of cold weather to let them know it is time to venture out of the seed, there are various ways you can provide this cue unnaturally, promoting the growth within your home. Stratifying the perennial seeds that require cold weather to grow is the first method of promoting growth. The refrigerator can serve as a great cooler to let the plants know it is time to get the growth started, moving the flat of plants to a warm bright light in order to sprout at last.

Great Herbs that Grow Easily
There are several different perennial herbs that are not only grown extremely easily within the home or even in your garden, but also serve great uses for cooking and aroma purposes, and even other household and health purposes as well. Such perennial herbs include:

• Bea Balm: sweet fragrance, great for tea and potpourri
• Oregano: flavor for pasta and stew dishes, similar to Marjoram
• Mint: various flavors and types, great flavoring
• Lavender: flowers used for sachets and herb mixes, also providing great flavor and relaxation

Several of the most known perennial herbs used for culinary purposes can be easily grown with plenty of light and a great position and space such as Thyme, Sage, and even Savory. You will not only be growing a beautiful array of herbs that will bring beauty and flare into your kitchen, but you will have access to the freshest source of these culinary herbs, and even those used for teas that can be quite soothing on any day. Growing these perennial herbs is only a tidbit of the pleasure as you get to enjoy the great flavors and aromas even after they have grown.

When you are seeking a way to add a fresher taste to your life, bring back nature into your home, and incorporate health into your diet, growing perennial herbs is not only extremely easy, but a low cost and relaxing way to do these things. There are several herbs you can choose from, or you can dedicate an entire section of your garden or kitchen to a vast array of the various perennial herbs. If you have previously stopped yourself from giving it a try due to thinking it may be too hard to grow these herbs, you will find that you have been wrong all along.

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