Growing Herbs Indoors – Fragrance in Every Room

Growing herbs indoors can add an elegant appearance and fragrance to every room. Plants are nature’s air fresheners, naturally cleaning the air in their surroundings. The natural scents of fresh herbs are never overpowering and can float from room to room freshening and brightening your surroundings. Different people prefer different herbs and scents for the home, but some herbs will be a perfect fit for a specific room in the home.

The Kitchen

Basil is the perfect herb for the kitchen. The smell of its bright green leaves seem to be the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen or recipe. The scent of basil can simultaneously conjure up a picture of an Italian grandmother, a lovely summer garden, and a favorite restaurant.

Other kitchen options include spicy tarragon and rich sage. Both will add dimension and interest to many different recipes and their scents are right at home in the kitchen. A small row of kitchen herbs can fill any empty shelf or windowsill to brighten and scent any kitchen. Cooking with fresh herbs that grow right in your kitchen is both a wonderful luxury and a simple delight.

The Dining Room

Parsley is the classic dining room herb. It has been used for thousands of years as a garnish, a natural breath freshener, and a way to cleanse the palate after a spicy meal. A small pot of rosemary can brighten up any dining room and emits a fresh, cleansing scent that will never interfere with the meal.

The Bathroom

Lemongrass is a great herb to add a sweet, fresh fragrance to a bathroom windowsill. Lemongrass thrives in a humid, warm environment, making the bathroom the perfect environment. Cuttings from the lemongrass can be used to make a refreshingly citrus flavored tea. It can also can be dried to create a sweet smelling potpourri.

Mint is another good choice for a bathroom that does not get much natural sunlight. It will spread out to fill any sized pot and work to freshen the air in the bathroom as it grows. Ginger can also be grown in the bathroom and exudes a fresh, clean scent that is also useful as a natural air freshener.

The Bedroom

Lavender is the perfect herb for the bedroom. It has a sweet floral smell that has been shown to help promote restful sleep. Its small purple flowers are peaceful just to look at on their own. Lavender can be easily grown in indoor containers and even prefers to be in a small container with only a bit of space around its roots.

Chamomile is another option for a relaxing, fragrant herb for the bedroom. Chamomile is a classic herb that is used in teas to promote feelings of calm.

The Living Room

Rosemary is a good choice for the living room. Its spiny leaves are both interesting in appearance, ranging from dark green to silver, and fragrant without being overpowering. Rosemary can be used to make a fragrant herbal tea, perfect for relaxing in the evening in your naturally fragrant home.

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