Growing Herbs for Profit – A Perfect Business for Stay-at-Home Moms

More mothers of young children are opting to stay at home with the kids for the first few years of their growth. However, it is getting almost impossible for the average family to live on one income. Stay-at-home moms are searching everywhere for a home business that can at least supplement their husband’s income.

Moms with a green thumb may want to explore the possibility of growing herbs for a profit. It’s a business that is flexible and will take only a small investment and very little time away from the kids. It also gives mom and the kids a chance to play together in the dirt and get some sunshine and exercise every day.

We will discuss four ways stay-at-home moms can sell the herbs after they’ve learned to grow quality plants.

Herb Seedlings

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to profits and start-up funds for some of the other more expensive profit plans discussed below. You’re able to start small and concentrate on growing your herbs to near perfection. You will sell your seedlings to local customers who will give you free word-of-mouth advertising. You may choose to grow one or two types of herbs that you know well to get top quality seedlings.

Dried Herbs

Most of the public are only familiar with dried herbs in a container. They are only interested in the end product that’s ready to be used immediately. You will need to start with more capital than growing herb seedlings require. With this method you’ll need containers such as jars and/or tins and labels. You may sell more by giving away samples or recipes using the herbs. Selling dried herbs will take longer to see profits since the herbs must be mature and then dried.

One Herb – Many Products

You can produce several products from one herb. For example, lavender can be made into wreaths, sachets, candles, skin care products, and even insect repellent. You have added value to growing one herb by offering several products made from a particular herb. Some herbs can do double duty in cooking and in household products.

Teach about Herbs

As consumers become more aware of how natural products such as herbs are better for health there is a growing trend to know more about them. You as an herbalist have the knowledge they need. You can provide a newsletter for your customers that keeps your business fresh in their minds on a monthly business. Or give it away to prospective customers. Write unique recipe books that can easily be produced on your home computer and printer. Conduct classes at your local church, women’s club, or even in your home or a friend’s house. Invite your friends to host home parties so that you can teach about herbs and conduct cooking demonstrations or sell products made from herbs.

Wherever you decide to start in growing herbs for a profit you can be assured there’s a ready-made market for your new business. As a stay-at-home mom you’ll appreciate the flexibility the business allows you to have to make money and take care of your family.

This is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. It takes time to grow and then market your product. If you’re not ready to take a big plunge into growing herbs for profit start with a window sill kit that will give you a feel for it. You just may fall in love with growing herbs and want to share your love with others for a profit.

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