Giving the Gift of Herbs

Herbs are a natural, healthy part of life. What better gift to give than the gift of better health? Herbs are very versatile and can be used for both medicinal purposes and cooking purposes. There are many options for someone who wants to give herbs as a gift. There are herb gardens, gifts you can craft with herbs, not to mention all of the books and recipes available for using herbs.

Herb gardens are a popular gift idea and are fairly easy to find. You can find them in plant nurseries, some department stores, or online. They range in price depending on what is included, and whether it is for outdoors or indoors. Some basic gardens are only about twenty dollars while some larger kits that are intended for a more serious herb grower can range from sixty to eighty dollars. When purchasing an herb garden, keep in mind the ability and time of the person you intend to give it to. Someone that has never grown herbs before may do better with a basic kit, while someone who has grown and used herbs previously may appreciate the challenge of some of the larger, more complex kits. Not all herb gardens have to be specifically for herbs for cooking. Kits are also available that have other specific herb uses. For example, you can buy a medicinal herb garden kit or an herb tea garden kit. Herb gardens are a great way to introduce someone to the natural benefits of herbs as well as providing them the chance to grow the herbs themselves.

If your intended gift recipient is not interested in growing herbs, but you still want to give them a natural gift, you can craft a gift from herbs. Simple instructions are widely available in books or online. One popular herb gift is herb closet squares that smell nice and help keep away insects from clothes. Other ideas are herb honey and herbal waters. Items like these are also available to be purchased already made. There is also the third option of giving a gift basket full of the necessary herbs and supplies, along with a set of instructions so they can craft the item themselves.

If you are looking to give a gift for your favorite cook, there are many books and recipes available that feature cooking with herbs. If you want to give a cookbook, but want to make the cookbook a more personal gift, mark a few of your favorite recipes and include the herbs needed for them as part of the gift. If you are familiar with cooking with herbs, but your gift recipient is not, jot a few notes in the book about recommendations or herb substitutes. Another idea is to gather your favorite recipes and get them bound into a book yourself. A cookbook doesn’t have to simply be an impersonal book; it is an easy gift to make unique.

You can use the same idea for the cookbook as you can for gifting information about medicinal herbs. Get a blank journal and give it along with some commonly used medicinal herbs. Handwrite instructions and include the uses you have used particular herbs for. This will make the gift of herbs not only more personal, but will show the recipient that you care for them and their health.

An herb based gift leaves plenty of room for the imagination. Herbs are an excellent way to help someone work towards a more natural, healthy lifestyle. Any birthday, holiday, or just because gift will be extra special when they know you care about their health.

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