Well Water


Does anyone here have the advantage of having their own well? I have one on my property but the pump has been dead for years now. I'd really like to get a new one and be more self-sufficient with my water. How hard is it to get a well back and running after it's been idle for so long?


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A pump here will run about $1000 if I remember correctly, to do a whole new well is about $5000.

Why I like it, well I have no water bill. Why I do not like it, power goes out you have a limited supply of water.


Why do you need a pump if it's an alternative water source? I use strong rope and a bucket and it works fine for me.


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I did a long time ago but not anymore. There was a place years ago that was down from a little creek and we could get spring water, that was pretty nice too. There is nothing better than pure water.


I'm afraid I have no idea about how much it would take to start an inactive well pump. This thread reminds me of my childhood though. My maternal grandparents used to have a well pump on their property, and I and my cousins would go there and play with water.


I grew up with a well and it can be costly if the well has been idle for a long time. There is no telling what has happened to the well itself after all these years. I wish we could have a well but we have to have city water.