Sage stops hair loss


I was looking up homemade hair concoctions the other day. I came across one that was for hair loss. It contained olive oil, sage, honey and a few other things. You were supposed to mix it all up and then massage it into your scalp. Then you leave it on for 30 minutes. It said the sage would stop hair loss but it wouldn't reverse it. Has anyone else heard of this before?


I have never heard this before. I have a huge stand of sage in my front flower bed so I did a little research and sure enough, I found what you are talking about. This article says it will promote the growth of new hair as well as stop hair loss. Interesting!!


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Any thing with menthol in it: mints, rosemary, nettles, eucalyptus, cinnamon. Oilive oil is great to strengthen your hair.


That is pretty interesting! My son is only two, but you can already tell he will have a receding hairline early in life. I wonder if we used some of these herbs if that would change it?


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I would wonder how early you need to catch it before hand. A friend of ours is the same age as my husband but he lost most of his hair in his late teens.