Safe and natural flea treatment


I have been researching natural flea treatments and repellants lately, in an effort to help the pets go greener and safer. After watching my 3-yr-old niece hug up on the dog the morning after an Advantix treatment, it hit me that I don't want her getting those chemicals on her. In case others are also looking, I found that diatomeceous earth is a completely safe, all-natural flea killer. You can dust on the animals just like flea powder and it is safe for the pets, as well as people.


I had fleas at my house last year and had the same thought. It took a lot more work to treat them naturally, I won't lie. But once we put our minds to it and did the work, things got better. We had to stay on top of it all summer, but we got through it without any harsh or harmful chemicals.


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I'm not sure I believe anything kills fleas – natural or chemical. I'm going to try the diatomaceous earth, but I'm really discouraged about trying to get rid of the little pests.