Natural headache remedies


A great herb to grow for getting rid of headaches is feverfew. My mother in law kept a plant indoors in a pot and would chew a leaf whenever she had a headache. Do you know of any other natural headache remedies?


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The citrus family is a good natural remedy for headaches. Lime, lemon, oranges, and other types of fruits that are in the citrus family can be used to inhale to relieve the headaches. You can enjoy eating or drinking them as well.


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Peppermint oil is a great to use. If you take some and apply it to your fingertips and then gently massage onto your temples, it feels great.


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I've heard willow bark tea will help. I think there are even some tablets out that have willow bark in them. They are the same type of compound that they now make aspirin from only not from chemicals. I can't remember where I saw the tablets but if I run across them again, I'll post a link.