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Discussion in 'Healthy Practices' started by lettuce, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. lettuce

    lettuce Member

    Has anyone else ever paid for a massage and been disappointed by the pressure administered (either too light or too rough)? How to you ensure that you get the whole value of what you paid for?
  2. jason

    jason Have a great day

    The wife bought me a massage once. It was supposed to be a deep tissue. Now I'm used to the quick ones my wife gives, which she puts a ton of pressure on the knots. So I was thinking it would be harder like that. While the pressure was good, and I came out more relaxed and a little less sore, it was not what I thought. But being my first real massage, I was not sure what to expect.
  3. MarBell

    MarBell New Member

    The first massage I ever had was exquisite. It was done in Washington, D.C. when my cousin entertained her bridesmaids with an evening of pampering after high tea at the Hay Adams. It was so good we booked another one a year later. I came out of that unable to move for a week. I've never wanted to go near another masseuse again because of that second experience. To call it painful would be an understatement.
  4. lettuce

    lettuce Member

    @jason: I agree that exchanging massages with a friend or loved one can be a lot more effective! Somehow we feel less shy telling them how to hit our sweet spots...
  5. SoftRain

    SoftRain Member

    I think it's important to give the masseuse feedback. Every one I've ever talked to has mentioned needing to know that and are upset when the customer doesn't say anything because then they can't fix it.
  6. patrick122068

    patrick122068 New Member

    I used to get massages regularly and i always enjoyed them. They were very relaxing and good stress relievers. My massage therapist always encouraged me to let her know if she applied to much pressure. I miss those massages.
  7. 2Nature

    2Nature Member

    Some people just know to give a massage and they ask you if the pressure is OK or not. This is very important because we are all different.
  8. clewand550

    clewand550 New Member

    I usually enjoy my professional massages a lot. I usually don't have any problems with them. They are usually very soothing and relaxing. There was one massage that was just awful and I was really looking forward to that one. I was having some really bad neck pain and headaches so I made an appointment at a new spa in the area that advertised scalp, neck and shoulder massages. I thought that it would be perfect for the aches and pains that I was having. I had a friend recommend this spa to me. It was the worse massage that I ever experienced. I have never been back to that spa. She was very rough and massaged very hard. I was afraid to say anything to her. I couldn't wait until it was over. It was a very long 40 minute massage. I kept cringing every time she did something to me. I don't know why I was worried about hurting her feelings when I was having that much discomfort during the massage.

    I actually bought my husband a gift certificate from that place right before my treatment to give to him as a gift. After the kind of massage that I had, I didn't want to give it to him so I used it really quick for a pedicure that I was also very disappointed in. That place was crossed off my list as to where to go for a nice massage.
  9. HillbillyBone

    HillbillyBone Member

    I don't get it; you had a bad massage? Well did you tell them how you wanted it? They can't read minds. If they are going too light then say you want it harder or vice versa. They need the feedback.
  10. smintdee

    smintdee New Member

    My last massage was a good massage I gave feedback and I came out of it relaxed. The next day I could not move. My back was in serious pain and I was numb in places on my arms and legs. It was not the masseuse fault but apparently my muscles relaxed enough that it caused problems with my spine. I will still with heat for my relaxation from now on. I guess the point to this rambling is to know your body, and talk to the massage therapist.
  11. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor New Member

    I've had experienced the hard massage and the light massage. In my culture, I don't know if other cultures practice this, it's common practice to go through massage sessions after a woman gave birth.

    I had four different masseuse after I gave birth to my four children. The last one used the aromatherapy type of massage where she would look for some points on my body and would massage those points lightly but it's quite effectively in getting me relaxed and relieving me of the sores that I felt after giving birth.

    The first three massages were the hard massage where the masseuse used their whole weight of their body to put pressure on my body and it left me even more sore than before. I think if a masseuse is trained she will do a good job in giving you a good and relaxing massage.
  12. Flutura

    Flutura New Member

    I feel like every massage I get is too rough on my skin but not enough on my muscles. So it ends up doing basically nothing. It's very frustrating because I love deep tissue massage.
  13. meowcow

    meowcow Member

    I prefer a heavier handed person when it comes to massage because I am quite burly. Whenever I get a light handed person massaging me, I ask him or her to push up the level. And when I find myself still dissatisfied, I just politely ask for someone else. I don't think they mind too much as long as you are respectful.


    Heavier hand helps a when having a massage because heavy hand feels gives you satisfied massage. So before having spa massage you must keep in mind those things. . .

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