Kitty eating herbs


I was outside with my little guy yesterday and I noticed him chomping down on the sage that was growing there. A few minutes later he spit it all out and went on about his business. Do cats need sage or other herbs in their diet?


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I think some cats will eat just about anything. Our two are pretty picky, they might go up and nibble on it but not bite it in full and try to chew it. Just get a quick nibble like a shark trying to see if its really food or not.


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My cats eat grass and other plants, all the time. Usually, a few seconds later they cough it back up. You might want to check and see if you have any plants that are poisonous to cats, in your yard.


I agree with Brea. Cats will often eat things that may not necessarily be good for them, so look up your plants. If you have some poisonous ones, you'll have to get rid of them or make them inaccessible somehow.


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Our cats were always chewing on blades of grass and then bringing it all back up a short time later. It's got to be good for them in some way. But I know that some greenery is poisonous to cats. Hopefully not sage though since your cat seems to like it.


My mom explained they do this sometimes when they have upset stomachs. All animals do it. Maybe that is the purpose is to have it back out. Also when I was giving my big boys Vitamin C supplement, they began to do this. It was a sign of tummy upset. So we changed the type of C and no problems after that.


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Cats eat grass and other plants because it helps them to vomit up indigestible matter, and also can help move material through the digestive system the other direction.

If your yard is treated with herbicides or pesticides, it is better for your cat not to eat out there. You can start a tray of herbs indoors that are safer for him or her to eat.


My first thought was...maybe the cat thought the sage was catnip!

I thought of persticide use, too. Even weed & feed on lawn grass could potentially be harmfull. Sometimes even organic lawn and garden products are not "pet friendly". You just need to do some internet searches or ask a local gardening store to find good products that won't harm your animals.


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Oh you don't need to worry much about it , many cats are also eating vegetables and plants as well. The only thing you must pay attention to is the safety of the herbs/vegs. And its not really a cat's diet , if you feel that this situation is hard to control, you can just buy a spraying product called "bitter apple" and spray it on herbs/vegs as they wont harm your vegs/cats . Hope this helped!


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Cats, unlike dogs, don't really include greens in their diets so if your cat is chowing down on greens and bringing it back up you might want to check their diet. Something he's eating might be making him feel sick or just generally messing with his GI tract. If you can't find anything you might want to bring him by the vet real quick as it could point to a potentially serious problem.