Herbal cough drops


Has anyone here ever made their own herbal cough drops? I'd love to have a good recipe to try. Most of the ones I see look like they probably taste horrific. I have a friend who makes her own lemon drops, which I think would be awesome, but I'd love to add some medicinal herbs, while keeping an okay flavor.


I had never thought about making my own herbal cough drops but after your question, it sounds intriguing. I did find a great recipe using any herb you wish. I think I'll try some mint I have growing out back.


I have never made my own, but I love the Ricola herbal throat drops when I have a cough or sore throat. They work great. I would love a recipe to make them at home.


I've seen some herbal cough drop candies made with horehound. I'm pretty sure you could even find it at Walmart. If you choose to use horehound in your own cough drops, I will warn you that it tastes pretty bad if you use too much.

Yasmin Bradshaw

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