HealthSource Receiving a Profitable Response from Acupuncture Pilot


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Tom’s River, New Jersey (September 14, 2010) Residents of Ocean County, who are seeking an alternative, side-effect free pain management solution may benefit from the new acupuncture department of the Nationally recognized HealthSource medical centers. Currently, acupuncture treatment is only being offered in the Tom’s River, New Jersey location with expectations of opening several more offices across New Jersey within the next year. Operating owner, Dr. Barry Rizzo, has integrated health with the innovation of a Wellness Center. This expansion into acupuncture services, which is now available to the general public completes a dedicated multidisciplinary medical and pain center.
Acupuncture is a form of alternative Chinese medicine that has been proven to help reduce pain caused by a variety of health disorders and traumas. Highly respected and nationally board certified acupuncturist and entrepreneur, Dominic Sembello, L.A.c, Dipl. Ac. has brought his innovative pain management practice techniques to help form an alternative pain management division to HealthSource. The integration of acupuncture with medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractic physicians has become a common theme across the United States because of it’s multidisciplinary nature ensuring a more comprehensive care model that exceeds patient’s needs.
"This new model has been extremely well received so far. Patient’s are able to get many of their pain management and rehabilitation needs under one roof. What makes this model so great is that the communication with the other medical providers is so easy, and coordinating a patient’s medical care plan is a snap. Patient’s are getting excellent results and they don’t have to drive all over ocean county from one office to the next"

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