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Discussion in 'Candle Making' started by chabella, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. chabella

    chabella All Lady

    A friend of ours made a great candle for us to keep in the backyard and help to make sure the little flying pests stay away. I guess we managed to forget about it during the hot summer dog days that we have had lately. It melted all over our back deck and down the side of the railing. I would love to make another and I knew citronella was in in but what else could it be? I want to remake it and try to avoid telling the friend that we neglected her gift.
  2. StarGazer

    StarGazer Member

    The only thing I can think of that would keep the bugs away would be citronella oil added to the wax base. I wouldn't worry about the friend, though. Won't she just assume you used it up?
  3. SoftRain

    SoftRain Member

    Just try making a new candle with citronella and that should do the trick. Your friend's candle must have used softer wax to melt like that; I bet you had fun cleaning it up. ;)
  4. freshfoodie

    freshfoodie Member

    I would say it was probably just citronella, but if you want to ask your friend you could always say that you want to make one for someone else. That way you don't have to tell her it got ruined.
  5. chabella

    chabella All Lady

    We actually took the pressure washer to the deck in order to get the candle off. I have no idea what was in it but it was stubborn no doubt! The candle did work for a bit but I guess we have had some blazing summer days for it to melt that quick. Thanks all!
  6. Luvkenny

    Luvkenny Member

    Great tip - tell her you want to make one for someone else. I bet it was citronella too. That is the only thing I can think of that would help keep bugs away. I really don't think they even work that well. Maybe she found a special ingredient to use.
  7. paula

    paula New Member

    Ceder is another good insect repellent it also n mixes well with citranella

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