Best herbs for anxiety?

Discussion in 'Herbal Health' started by Raspberry Leaf, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Raspberry Leaf

    Raspberry Leaf New Member

    I've heard a lot about the use of valerian root and valerian tea for anxiety. Unfortunately, the smell is too much for me to handle! Aside from lavender and chamomile, what other herbs are helpful for reducing anxiety and stress?
  2. hppyfngy

    hppyfngy Member

    St John's Wort, Kava, Milky Oats, Passionflower, Motherwort, Nettle Leaf and Skullcap, to name a few.

    There are lots and lots. I think a skullcap/nettle leaf tincture is my all around favorite. It's mild, sort of like a very low dose of Valium.

    These should really be prescribed upon an evaluation though.
  3. Raspberry Leaf

    Raspberry Leaf New Member

    Thank you! I'll have to run these by a doctor and see what they say. You never know how things can interact. I had a friend who got very sick from taking St. John's Wort on top of an antidepressant. Always, always go with doctor supervision!
  4. hppyfngy

    hppyfngy Member

    It's definitely true, RasLeaf. Some folks take herbals too lightly, thinking they couldn't interfere with chemical meds, but they can be just as potent and potentially dangerous!

    I make, but I do not prescribe! Always see a qualified herbalist.
  5. Lilly

    Lilly Member

    St. John's Wort is a good one, but it takes forever before it starts working. You have to take it for about six weeks to notice a difference. Kava is also a good one and so is Passion Flower.
  6. hppyfngy

    hppyfngy Member

  7. marvinuncleherbs

    marvinuncleherbs New Member

    I will recommend the one that I been using ever since, and I can that it is definitely effective, the Sabah Snake Grass.
  8. Yasmin Bradshaw

    Yasmin Bradshaw New Member

    Herbal medicated oils are best
  9. armyswat

    armyswat New Member

    Marijuanna or a substitute called blue lotus which is legal.. also a good thing. it's natural herb, can be eaten raw. both of them or dried..

    raw is better.
  10. EDWIN

    EDWIN New Member

    i have been taking Theanine for aong while now and I find it works amazing BUT it does make you tired so its best at night. my anxiety and depression have all but gone away. I am not sure of long term effects.

    I did not like St Johns Wort to much it takes FOREVER to work and gave me crazy dream
  11. wayne.suslansky

    wayne.suslansky New Member

    Anyone have any experience with kanna? I have 500 milagram capsules 100:1 and don't have any idea how to dose it

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