All About Tea


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Tea is a very old product which is still used until today. What are the advantages of taking tea everyday? Are there any bad effects of tea if taken in large amounts? Which is better to drink, ice cold or the hot one?


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I am the only one in my family who are not fond of tea, despite my username LOL. But I ever read that tea can be beneficial for our health if taken in moderate amount. Green tea is believed to be better than black tea.


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Green tea is said to be better then black. I do think it can be bad if you drink too much however. I try to limit myself to a cup or two a day. I do not know of any difference between cold and hot though.


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Green and herbal teas are better for you especially if they are organic and not grown with all the pesticides and chemicals. I have a cup or two every night and use different kinds depending on what I feel like. I always like mine hot but I think the cold is just as good, more of a preference.


I used to drink tea but went off it when I was first pregnant over 30 years ago. I now drink very little but it contains tannin and caffeine so it can't be that good for you.


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There are commercially prepared tea drinks. Do they have the same nutritional values as with the tea that we prepare ourselves? I love to drink teas that are commercially prepared but I'm not sure if I'm getting the right nutrition from them.