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  1. beckyv1265

    Liver Cleanse with Herbs

    Turmeric is also a great anti-inflamatory and anti-cancer properties. Its also great for improving cholesterol. It lowers the bad and increases the good. It also has shown some promise in helping slow the progression of alzheimers and multiple sclerosis. It does stain so when I uses it I wear a...
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    Water fountain

    My oldest daughters cat would not drink out of anything but the running tap in the tub or sink . She got one and the cat loves it.
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    Milk is a carb

    Your welcome. I am glad that I could help. We have a bunch of diabetics in my family. I have helped them work with their diets to help them maintain a healthy diet that does not send their sugar spiraling out of control. I had an Amish friend one time contact me because she was having an issue...
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    Parsley for Bloating

    Its also a very strong anti-oxident and can help counteract the effects of tobacco and barbecue smoke. It has an anti-coagulant effect. Because it contains lutein and zeaxanthin it can help prevent macular degeneration. Its also a good source for vitamin C , iron, potassium and folate. All these...
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    Facial Toner?

    Do we get to drink the vodka after we tone? Wouldn't an alcohol dry the skin?
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    Dry Body Brushing

    I have never heard of this. I usually exfoliate in the shower with a one of those shower scrubber doo hicky's. I can't remember what their called. I keep thinking sponge but I know thats not right. I am having what is called a senile moment. lol My skin usually feels great after. I also rub my...
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    Soap for Teeth

    The foaming is in response to the peroxide killing germs or if your gums are bleeding. Once you rince well then all the peroxide will get washed away.
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    Natural methods to good sleeping

    For the one who has a snorer in the bed. there is a new product out there that is a dental bite block that lifts the jaw providing a jaw thrust action. This helps if the snoring is caused by the tounge relaxing into the airway. For the nasal clogged snorer there is a product that is basicaly...
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    What do you do when your dog/cat passes away?

    I have burried some and some I have flushed some if they were small enough. I have thrown some out in the dumpster. We had one dog that the kids were really attached to and when he died the kids were broken hearted. We had an elaborate funneral and burried him. My daughter Jenny painted a large...
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    Pears , pears everywhere.

    Oh man I do love Vanilla bean Ice Cream. Do you make your own or do you like a particular brand. I used to make my own on the farm where I grew up. My other favorites are fresh peach and Maple ice cream. Oh I almost forgot coffee ice cream. Lol Well really is there any bad ice cream out there...
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    Pears , pears everywhere.

    You can dry any berry. I love to do strawberry's and add them to the childrens cereal. When I make pancakes with dried berries I soak them first till the soften up.
  12. beckyv1265

    Pears , pears everywhere.

    When I can them I just cut them in halves or pieces and cover them in a simpl syrupI do treat them with lemon juice to prevent oxidation. Sometimes I add cinnamon ans ginger to them. When I dry them I pretreat with lemon water and then place in my dehydrator. When theyu are dry chips than I...
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    Sunshine or rain?

    I love the cool after a rain, but the joint pain with my arthritis can put a damper on my enthusiasm. I love sunny days as long as they are not too hot. I hate being sweaty and hot.
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    Coffee and Living Longer

    Since I have 10 children I suppose I could spare one or two. lol This one also is an aspriring chef so we get to sample many of his creative meals. All of my children have learned to make a mean cup of coffee out of self preservation. They know better than to wake me without some. Heehee I can...
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    Women get informed!

    I also had to have several abortions in my life. I do have 8 natural children and 2 adopted children. My abortions were very necesary for me at the time. I still stand by those very tough decisions that I had to make and I don't feel that anyone but me has the right to decide what I do.
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    Women get informed!

    Its not the party itself but the control of the religious extreamist that have tainted it for me. When the "Tea party" fudamentalist decided to unite with their antiquated views of womans roles that I started to object.
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    Organic chocolate

    When I eat chocolate I prefer European chocolates anyway so they always cost me more because they are imported. It also helps me to savor them and not eat the whole thing at once.
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    Tried and True Acne Remedies?

    All my teenagers just use lemon. They tried proactive and other things , I however had them do a lemon challenge and they found that it works the best. Even though I don't have acne ,I find that it helps shrink the pores and lightens age spots. At 46 I still don't have to wear makeup on my face...
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    How many miles to you walk/run per day?

    Due to injury's sustained in a car accident years ago I am unable to walk /run for very far. my hip and back scream at me when I try. I do have a pedal exerciser that I use while sitting in a chair to exercise my arms and leggs. I also use small free weights for my arms. I tend to pedal when I...
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    Coffee and Living Longer

    I also love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. Thankfully I have a great teenager who loves to get up early. He always puts on a fresh pot and brings me a cup. I probably drink way too much coffee but its my main beverage. I am also often up late going over lesson plans and correcting...