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    Healthy treats for horses

    We were visiting my niece yesterday. I always take a couple of apples, a few carrots or some celery stalks to feed to her horse and her 7-month-old pony. What other types of healthy treats are good for horses? Didn't Roy Rogers used to give Trigger a few sugar cubes or something similar? Is...
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    Vitamin D, B12 deficiencies

    My sister works the medical field and has commented that there are so many people coming in these days with deficiencies in Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. She says almost anyone who works indoors all the time probably need supplements. I have been on them for several years after my doctor did blood...
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    Grocery store shopping carts

    As I was wiping the handle of my grocery cart yesterday with the convenient little wipes the store puts near them, I thought about how many years that was never even something I thought about. How many people actually use those wipes now? I started about a year ago.
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    How clean is clean?

    I have wanted to do a colon cleanse and detox ever since I first heard about it. I also have a colonoscopy scheduled for June. Now I'm wondering if all that prep they give you to do its own cleaning helps with this? Is the preparation's cleansing just a surface one? Is it safe to still do a...
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    Acupuncture and shingles

    I've heard before that an acupuncturist can cure shingles. Has anyone had experience with this? A friend of mine kept putting off having the shingles shot, much to his regret. I hesitate to suggest an acupuncturist, but if it might work, why not try?
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    DVD with easy exercises

    I have started keeping a DVD with easy work-out exercises on it that I can do for five-minute segments throughout the day. It's an easy way to get a little more movement in my schedule. I can also do these during television commercials.
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    Acorn squash

    I've been trying to eat more healthy vegetables during the new year. This week we tried acorn squash. I don't remember having it before. I was surprised at how good it was and am definitely putting more of them into my grocery cart. I just baked it and added a bit of butter. Do you have any tips...
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    How early is too early?

    One of our friends just found out their 30-year-old daughter has colon cancer. She is undergoing chemotherapy after some preliminary surgery. She had not done any screening or tests before she began having trouble, but who else has at that young an age? How early should people have a...
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    Meat glue?

    I was recently reading about something referred to as "meat glue."Evidently, this is a kind of glue meat processors use to help combine meat particles and waste into what sells as meat. Japanese industries use it to make their artificial crab meat. It's also used to make sausages without the...
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    Flu shots

    I broke down and got my first flu shot this week. I was having a check-up, and the nurse asked if I wanted one, so I just went with it. I braced myself for the needle, and I didn't even know when she broke the skin. Shots have come a long way!
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    Vanilla almond

    I've never had lotions or bubble bath with the aroma of vanilla and almond, not that I know of. I received a variety of products in a box as a gift, but I'm really looking forward to settling down in this. Just the sound promises relaxation to me. Happy bubble baths, everyone!
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    How much damage this holiday season?

    Here I sit on Christmas morning before heading out for another day of good eating. So far I've managed to steer clear of most of the sugar-laden and fat-laden goodies, getting by with sampling instead of taking a second bite. Today will be my biggest challenge, but I may just let myself go today...
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    Using a timer to get healthy

    I have started setting a timer for 60 minutes. I will work on my computer, read or do housework. At the end of each 60 minutes, I reset it for 10 minutes and use my workout CD, or dance or do a set of exercises geared toward keeping me healthy. I can do anything, even sit-ups, for 10 minutes.
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    Yogurt funnel

    Just this week I remembered a yogurt funnel I used to have. I would it to create my own cheeses from yogurt because I thought they were healthier than the cheeses at the store. The funnels were in vogue back then. I don't know what happened to my funnel, but I do wonder if they are still popular...
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    Shopping National Geographic

    I accidentally came upon the National Geographic website a week or so ago and popped into their store. They have some really great options for gifts. I ended up buying myself a thick cardigan sweater, which came yesterday. I am in love with the texture and look of this garment. Who knew I'd be...
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    Best culinary herb combinations

    I'm outlining a six by six foot square raised bed where I want to grow culinary herbs. Right now I've decided on basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, cilantro, dill, bay and peppermint. What am I leaving out that would go well in this garden?
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    Lemonless lemons

    I just purchased some lemons from an expensive organic foods grocery. When I got them home and opened them up, they were all rind with very little usable lemon flesh or lemon juice. I paid twice what I usually pay, but we were having salmon for dinner, and I didn't want to make another stop. Is...
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    Horse and grasses

    My sister's granddaughter has just moved her horse to a pen on my sister's property. The horse is eating the grass all over the area, which was never designed for keeping a horse. I'm wondering if there are grasses that horses should not eat? Can they just eat whatever grows?
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    Lowered blood pressure

    Whatever we've been doing in our household is evidently working. My husband's doctor took him off his blood pressure medicine because all of his numbers are so good this doctor's visit. Thanks for all the advice I've found on this website.
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    Quality of Vitamin D

    Our physician told us today that when we purchased Vitamin D, it was all pretty much the same, so it was fine to go with the cheapest brand out there. I'd rather save money here to splurge somewhere it matters more. I appreciate his telling us.