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  1. SuzyQ

    Why hot peppers are good for you

    Gosh, I didn't think hot peppers were that good! I'm not sure I could go to the extreme of eating peppers so hot that they make you sweat, though I do like to eat a meal with sweet chili as one of the ingredients.
  2. SuzyQ

    Fish oil or krill?

    I used to buy cod liver oil capsules then I read that it's the Omega 3 that's the best, so I now just buy Omega 3 fish oil capsules. I also read that Krill oil is better but, you have to balance benefits with affordability, and I buy what I can afford.
  3. SuzyQ

    New Miracle Weight Loss Supplement?

    I've never heard of it but I wouldn't take it in any case. I know that if I put my mind to it, I can easily lose a couple of pounds in a week. I lost more than 21 pounds last Summer over six months and I didn't deprive myself or take any supplements, just cut down on on the butter and cheese a...
  4. SuzyQ

    Eating Pork

    I love a grilled pork chop and, luckily I don't notice any ill effects either. Of course I do ensure that I eat organic, free range pork, sourced from our local farm. In that way I know that it hasn't been pumped full of antibiotics and other stuff!
  5. SuzyQ

    Farmer's Market opens Friday!

    We have a vineyard near us, and they hold a Farmer's Market every Saturday. I love to visit because they also have wine tasting at the same venue, as well as some lovely locally made cheese.
  6. SuzyQ

    Little is better

    Have you seen the latest exercise recommendation? Apparently if you do just 3 minutes of intense exercise every day, or 10 minutes three times a week, it uses up more calories and strengthens more muscles than conventional methods. That sounds like my kind of exercise regime!;)
  7. SuzyQ

    Darn cats!

    My daughter has flea collars that her cats wear, so she doesn't have to bother putting powder or any other kind of medicine on them, and the collars work continuously to keep the fleas away. They seem to work well.
  8. SuzyQ

    People And Their Labels

    I know exactly what you mean. My friend's partner has just lost her job and is finding it difficult to even get an interview for another because of the way she looks. She has tattoos and piercings, which make people immediately label her as unintelligent and aggressive but she is the opposite! A...
  9. SuzyQ

    Pet Insurance

    Maybe you're right. My daughter still has her pet insurance, as she has other animals, and she also now has a different vet, just because she moved to another area. I hope she has more luck the next time!
  10. SuzyQ

    Pet Insurance

    Is pet insurance worth it? Sometimes I think not. My daughter's cat was so ill I think he would have died anyway, but the vet kept him alive and operated because the insurance was paying for it. The cat still died during the operation.
  11. SuzyQ

    Men doing cross stitch

    My father used to knit, but then, he was in the Navy in his youth and apparently they all used to knit, or so he said. Maybe he was just joshing?;)
  12. SuzyQ

    At last, CoQ10 recommended with Statins!

    I hate Statins but my husband has been prescribed them, and it's his choice to take them. Society has been brainwashed into believing that high cholesterol is always a bad thing, and he believes that our doctor knows what she is doing. I'm at least glad that he will take CoQ10 as well now, which...
  13. SuzyQ

    Men doing cross stitch

    Thank you! He is a very creative man I must admit, and has tried his hand at many different things. He likes a challenge I think.:)
  14. SuzyQ

    Working in my gardens

    I like gardening once I'm out there, in fact it can become addictive when I start weeding or chopping back thick growth, but actually getting up off my bottom and getting out there in the first place is the problem!
  15. SuzyQ

    Men doing cross stitch

    Surprisingly, my husband has discovered that he likes doing cross stitch, and he is quite good at it too! He decided to buy a couple of kits and he's done a couple of butterflies for our little granddaughters. It surprised me that he felt able to sit and do it, but he loves it.
  16. SuzyQ

    disk injury

    It must be pretty common, because I know quite a few people who have had some kind of disk injury, either a slipped disk or something similar. It will depend how serious it is whether he needs physiotherapy or surgery. Good luck!
  17. SuzyQ

    Older kitty

    Poor old girl! I think 12 is quite a good age for a cat, although you may well have her for a few more years yet. She probably won't want to do much but eat and sleep and, if her quality of life is still good, you will still be able to enjoy her company.
  18. SuzyQ

    Is added fiber necessary?

    I think fiber is over rated, and there are certain conditions for which fiber can be the worst thing you can take, like IBS. Most people who eat a reasonably healthy diet get enough.
  19. SuzyQ

    outbreak at school

    Oh that's really scary if you have children at school in the area! I think breakouts like this occur from time to time. I know that there's an epidemic of measles occurring in Wales at the moment, because people refused to give their kids the MMR vaccination years ago.
  20. SuzyQ

    Honey In The Tea

    I only drink flavored tea as I went off regular tea when I was pregnant, many years ago. I have tried Stevia but it's very expensive and you need a lot of it to sweeten like sugar. I much prefer honey, and any kind of fruit or herb tea tastes good with honey. You have to experiment as there are...