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    I donate pet food freebies and good coupon deals I get in the mail to the local shelter. I also donate goods and groceries to the local women's shelter throughout the year.
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    They don't let me cook

    I have brought cooked things before. It is just the last few years that they have decided to start doing this. I can't be any worse than my sister -in-law who had soupy mashed potatoes and mushy stuffing at Thanksgiving. I don't want to make anything that I wasn't asked to bring because I have...
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    What's everyone reading?

    Right now, I am reading a book called Slightly Shady by Amanda Quick (AKA Jayne Ann Krentz). It is actually pretty good. It is funny and keeps your attention fairly well.
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    Homemade Chapstick

    I would love to know what her "recipe" is! I love the idea of making my own lip balm. I have seen the tubes at craft shops and stuff. I know you can also buy the little pot style containers too.
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    This Carb-Replacement Replaces Shaving Lotion, WD-40 and Eye Cream

    I don't use shaving cream anyway. I generally just use soap when I shave my legs. I got tired of paying the price for shaving cream a long time ago. I do like the idea of using coconut oil though! It would smell good and moisturize.
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    They don't let me cook

    I am not sure why, but my hubby's family never wants me to cook anything for holiday meals. At Thanksgiving, I was asked to bring a vegetable tray and now for Christmas, I was asked to bring a cheese and cracker tray. I am probably the best cook out of all of the family, so it kind of irks me...
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    Sick mom, sick kids...oh, boy!

    It is going around. Everyone around here has had the flu and I am just hoping that I don't get it. I am so tired and worn down right now, that it will hit me especially hard if I get sick.
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    Savory Dressing

    They didn't cook their stuffing in the bird either. My sister in law cooked it in the slow cooker. I am not sure why, since she had a 20 pound turkey. She doesn't really have a whole lot of cooking experience when it comes to holiday meals though.
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    Back to work!

    I am paying up some bills this week so that I don't have to worry about anything until January. I am so excited to have the extra cash. I am still really tired, but I can make it a few weeks. I worked from 4 AM to 9 AM this morning and I am going back from 5 PM - 8PM. Tomorrow, I work from 4 AM...
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    Back to work!

    I have been working there every holiday season for the last few years. I am so tired, but it will get easier. It is only for a few weeks, so I can handle it. There will be plenty of time to sleep after the holidays.
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    bites inside of mouth

    I have scars in my mouth because I had a couple seizures when I was younger. While in the middle of them, I bit the insides of my mouth several times. I bite myself a lot and I guess that there is not much that you can do to stop it. Maybe your dentist can help.
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    Savory Dressing

    That is awesome! Maybe you can give the recipe to my in-laws because they had some of the worst dressing I have ever eaten. It was like eating mushy bread. I make some pretty good dressing myself. I add lemon juice, cream, and prosciutto.
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    Back to work!

    It is only a seasonal position, but I will be bringing in an extra $500 a week for the next 5 weeks. I am so excited! Not having to constantly stress about how I am going to pay bills is going to let me be a whole lot less stressed. I might even be able to put a little away for later.
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    The Brain Garage

    That sounds pretty interesting! I will definitely be heading over there. I think that is pretty cool. I am always interested in things that can help me "train" my brain. Thanks for sharing!
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    New scar

    Yes, I have been using Vitamin E, but it is still going to be a pretty one. Just the sheer size of it is the problem. It is smaller than the original cut, but it is still pretty big.
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    Too many rich treats

    I am sure that is the problem. Animals are much like humans that way. I hope that they start to feel better because having sick animals is never fun. Hopefully they aren't making messes in the house!
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    New scar

    After bouncing down a few steps and repelling off the edge of my basement stairs, I ended up with a new scar. It runs down my left side from just under my bra line to my hip. It is going to be real pretty come bathing suit season!
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    Are you cooking?

    I don't even know what we will be eating because my husband's family tends to go non-traditional when it comes to holiday meals. Last year for Christmas, we had baked spaghetti and the year before that, a nacho bar. I just hope that there is pie!
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    Stinky Candles

    I like things that smell like food. I do not like floral or cologne type smells. I received one called midnight musk or something once for a gift. It smelled like old man's cologne. Needless to say, that one was re-gifted at a later date. I do know some people who like the new car smell and...
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    Are you cooking?

    I am getting off easy this week. I just have to prepare a vegetable tray. Who has to cook the full meal? What are you preparing? How many people are you cooking for?