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  1. Greenwoman


    I've been growing a sage plant for a couple of months now. I'm actually pretty happy by the rate at which it has grown over the summer. I'm kind of wondering when would be best to pick some of the leaves, or if it matters at all. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Greenwoman

    Eating healthy on a budget

    One of the biggest complaints about "eating healthy" is that it is expensive. Would you agree? My intentions are to somehow defy that belief and excuse and have wholesome and healthy fruits in vegetables in my home.
  3. Greenwoman

    How do you Meditate?

    I've come to a sort of impasse with regards to meditation. A lot of people have recommended Vipassana meditation, but I'm not sure that only focusing on breathing will help. Has anyone ever tried it?
  4. Greenwoman


    What movies have inspired you to live differently? Personally, I find myself constantly renergized every time I watch Cloud Atlas. I can't quite find too many movies centered around naturopathic themes, though.
  5. Greenwoman


    I used to loathe mushrooms, but as of late I have grown to greatly enjoy them, especially on salads. I did some research and ended up finding out that some mushrooms even help to prevent breast cancer! What's your favorite type of mushroom?
  6. Greenwoman


    My mother was talking about using lime and cucumber water as a detox. I can understand how the lime could act as a detox ingredient, but exactly how are cucumbers a detoxifying vegetable?
  7. Greenwoman


    My cat left the house for a couple of days, making me worry, and when he came back, he a lot of ticks on him. I plucked off all that I could find and cleaned off areas with alcohol and soap. Is there a safe way, preferably herbal, to keep ticks off of him?
  8. Greenwoman

    Essential Oils

    I have been formulating my plan for making homemade bars of soap for the next couple of months. I know that one uses oil to make the soap. Does this include essential oils such as rosemary, and if so, does the essential oil affect the lather of the soap?
  9. Greenwoman

    Muscadine Grapes

    I was surveying my backyard for wood that would work well for my bow and arrow, and I discovered that we have a wild muscadine grape vine growing in our backyard on the edge of the woods. The fruit is unripened still, but I am hoping that I can make something awesome from the grapes. I've also...
  10. Greenwoman

    Green Walnut Hulls

    We have a black walnut tree growing in the back yard, and I know that it can help eliminate fungi. I am planning on collecting the green hulls of some of the walnuts to make into something useful for my herbal medicinal shelf. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  11. Greenwoman

    Dandelion Root

    I have tried dandelion root, and I know that it tastes pretty good; however, I still have not figured out whether the leaves have a stronger affect on the body. I personally think that dandelion leaves aren't as versatile in regards to preparation as dandelion root. Does anyone else have any...
  12. Greenwoman


    I received a perfume kit for Christmas this year, and I am reading things about "base notes" and the like in relation to the depth of the scent. I am going to be honest, I am a little lost. Could someone help me to understand how this depth stuff works?
  13. Greenwoman

    Heat Protectant

    I recently purchased some heat protectant from Walmart, and I tried it and noticed that it made my hair's texture a bit stiff. I had added moisturizer before putting on the heat protectant. What causes it to make my hair so stiff?
  14. Greenwoman

    Homemade Antibacterial Soap or Hand Sanitizer

    My family a completely and utterly big on keeping antibacterial sprays and hand sanitizer on hand. My mom particularly is prone to get sick often if she doesn't take these precautions. Is there an herbal mixture that can be made that has the same punch as commercial liquid hand sanitizer? I'm...
  15. Greenwoman

    Hair Care

    I'm going to be honest, for the longest, I did not take very good care of my hair. So, it stands to reason that I would be a bit daft and new to proper hair care. With that being said, does anyone know of the proper maintenance and care for hair that has been flat ironed?
  16. Greenwoman

    Are Smoothies Good for You?

    I am in the dieting spirit again, and I keep losing focus. Well, people around me aren't exactly helping much. My family say that smoothies, ones made with bananas milk, a teaspoon of honey, and whatever else fruit or oatmeal I decide to put in, are actually bad for me. I have an inkling that...
  17. Greenwoman

    Meditation Techniques

    To be completely honestly, I haven't been meditating as much as I should have. In the past I did a lot of guided meditation with music, and I eventually got to the point where I could meditate without a guide. Now I feel like I have to start over and meditate with guides again. How do you...
  18. Greenwoman

    Hibiscus Hair Dye

    I've been wanting to try to dye my hair red, or at least give myself red highlights, with hibiscus flowers. Is there a way to get my hair to take the color without using chemicals that will cause damage to my hair?
  19. Greenwoman

    Chakra based Aromatherapy

    I know that part of the concept of chakra activation and balance involves surrounding oneself with the correct colors and eating foods that are of the correct colors as well. However, is there a correlation between aromatherapy and one's chakra balances?
  20. Greenwoman

    Poison vs Cure

    In one of the books that I have, it recommends a lot of herbs that are poisonous in excessive amounts- with "excessive" just being a little bit. I know that too much of anything can be bad for you, but is it fair consider herbs to be poison by nature?