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  1. aunaturel

    When are herbs ready to harvest?

    For example, I have a great looking basil plant but I don't know when I'm supposed to harvest the leaves. Are they ready to use as soon as they grow or should I wait until they're a certain size or something?
  2. aunaturel

    Safe and natural flea treatment

    I have been researching natural flea treatments and repellants lately, in an effort to help the pets go greener and safer. After watching my 3-yr-old niece hug up on the dog the morning after an Advantix treatment, it hit me that I don't want her getting those chemicals on her. In case others...
  3. aunaturel

    Want to live longer?

    A new study was just released that indicates golden root extract may extend our lives. Of course, this hasn't been tested or studied in humans, yet, but initial experiments with fruit flies were successful at extending their lives by almost 25%. I don't believe I've used golden root extract...
  4. aunaturel

    Dogs can have prostate issues, too

    If you're one who hasn't neutered their male dog, you should be aware that as they get older, dogs get prostate troubles just like people do. A male that is not neutered has a higher risk of having serious issues. A friend of mine just found that out with her dog and she finally had him...
  5. aunaturel

    Making massage oils

    Is there anything I should add besides essential oils when making up a massage oil? I was going to try blending various oils with mineral oil and try that, but I'm not sure that there might be more to it than that. I thought these oils would be a nice addition to the gift baskets I make.
  6. aunaturel

    Cutting recipe sizes

    I was given a recipe for a delicious smelling soap but the problem is, the recipe makes a huge batch as the person sells the bars. Can you cut a recipe down without making adjustments? I know when cooking, a lot of time you can't just cut a recipe in half or quarters as it changes the ratios...
  7. aunaturel

    Herbs that promote energy?

    As I get older, my energy lags, especially in the afternoon. I know part of it is due to sleep deprivation (thank you, menopause!), but I need something to give me a boost in order to get what I need to done.
  8. aunaturel

    Standing against Monsanto

    Have any of you taken any stand against Monsanto and their newest attempts to do away with having to label foods with GMO content? I've signed a couple of petitions, but am looking for protest activities in my area.
  9. aunaturel

    Herbal or natural remedy for nail fungus?

    I think I've developed nail fungus. I am getting vertical ridges along most of my nails and the nails are thickened and hard to cut. Is there a natural solution for this?
  10. aunaturel

    How nutritious are herbal vinegars?

    When you use herbs to make specialty vinegars, how much of the herbal nutritive properties remain in the vinegar? I'm wondering if this might be a good way to get more beneficial herbs into my family's diet.
  11. aunaturel

    Soy candles

    The new soy candles are supposed to be better on the environment and they help use the soy-farming waste products, I believe. Are these something we could make at home, though? Or should we stick to traditional candle making materials?
  12. aunaturel

    Do you yoga?

    I've been doing yoga DVDs for a while now and I have to admit, it's been a big help to my lifestyle. Not only am I more flexible than I have been in years, but I seem to be able to cope with stress much better. I'm thinking of taking a class to learn some more advanced techniques.
  13. aunaturel

    Fear of needles

    I've been told that acupuncture could help me with the chronic pain conditions that I have but I've never dared to try it. I'm totally petrified of needles - they have to hold me down to give me a shot for any reason. Is there any way to overcome this?
  14. aunaturel

    Is this part of menopause?

    I'm in the beginning stages of menopause and I don't know if this is part of that or not. I've been having a lot more vaginal discharge than I used to. Not to be gross, but it's clear and mucus-like. There is no discernible odor or anything. I'm not itchy or having any symptoms of an...
  15. aunaturel

    The Herb Shoppe's allergy tea

    I've been reading about a tea blend from The Herb Shoppe that's supposed to be an almost miraculous help for allergies. The article I read lists the ingredients as "nettle, red clover, fennel, spearmint, peppermint, eyebright, yerba santa, calendula, lemongrass, lavender and stevia", but it...