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    Have you heard of epigenetics? The word means 'above genetics'. It's an idea that says we have more control over our health than many of us think. It proposes that what we believe, think, and feel has an influential effect on the activation, or not, of whatever genes we may have. Our thoughts...
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    Hugging and Your Health

    It's cool to see scientific verification of the healing, health-promoting effects of human connection. Physical touch is really quite important! I'm glad I'm comfortable being a hugger.
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    Going Gluten-Free

    A lot of people I know have been going gluten-free. Two friends have noted that after doing so, they realized a sense of depression they didn't even realize they were living with had lifted. Another noted how her son's behavior improved dramatically after removing gluten from their diet. I have...
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    Sinus Rinses

    I guess with a neti pot, you can't control the pressure. What I'm using is not actually a neti pot. I can control the flow/pressure, so it's a bit better, I think. It's still quite an odd sensation, though. But to me, the results are worth it.
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    McDonald's Vegetarian Restaurants

    I have a hard time believing that anything coming from McDonald's qualifies as healthy. I would place bets on their vegetarian food being as void of true life-giving qualities as the rest of their food products.
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    Sinus Rinses

    One healthy practice is the use of a sinus rinse. A sinus rinse consists of flowing a saline solution through nasal passages. Neti pots are by far the most common way to do this, and they work well. My new favorite way to do this, though, is with a product made by NeilMed. It is a soft plastic...
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    Herbs to Help Lungs Heal?

    Hi. I quit smoking over a year ago. My lungs definitely feel much better already, but I would like to see if there's anything helpful in speeding up the healing process. I do breathing exercises, and exercise already. Are there any herbal remedies that can assist?
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    Dry Skin In Winter

    I got it, and am really liking what it's doing for my body's skin, but I'm not sure yet with my face. My skin is definitely softer, but my skin is also breaking out. Could just be the timing, though!
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    Dry Skin In Winter

    I am going to try the coconut oil, for sure. I recently saw it for sale at our neighborhood warehouse store, but wanted to learn more about it before buying. I hope they're still carrying it.
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    Natural blackhead scrubs

    I've been hearing a lot lately about raw honey being an excellent facial mask. It's important that it be 'raw', which I think can only be found at health food stores. I haven't checked out ordering online. It's definitely going to be sticky to use, but I think it just comes right off with warm...
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    Peel or wash?

    I use a fruit and vegetable wash specifically made for removing such residues. I do whole batches at a time when I get my produce, so it's then ready to go.
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    Harvard adding a nontraditional medicine institute

    StarGazer wrote: I so agree. It's quite ridiculous how 'modern medicine' has gotten so many so turned around. Thankfully, more and more of us are taking responsibility for our own health, and finding solutions outside of the mainstream medicine.
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    Music Therapy

    Music can make us feel good, and feeling good opens the flow of healthy life force energy and provides the atmosphere in which health can occur. As opposed to feeling bad, which equals stress, which we pretty much all acknowledge these days, as illness-inducing.
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    Clearing away the stress

    Nutti wrote: Processes from Abraham-Hicks can be very helpful. They have several books out, and a plethora of recorded seminars on cd. Also videos. They suggest things like making lists of positive aspects, purposely thinking about or imagining things or experiences that feel good to you, and...
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    Those Who Don't Have To Try

    Anybody seen the movie called "The Cure"? I agree with its main message, which is basically that you need to be emotionally healthy to be physically healthy. If you are emotionally unhealthy, it will eventually end up showing up physically.