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    The Power Of Positive Thoughts

    I completely agree. I have a lot of health issues and people often comment that they can't understand why I continue on and am in a good mood most of the time. I tell them that it could always be worse and that I am responsible for my feelings and reactions. I choose to be happy and look on...
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    Slept Wrong

    I have had that happen, too, but usually it's my neck. Sometimes stretching will help, in combination with some ibuprofen. Other times, it can last two or three days - I think I get a pinched nerve when that happens.
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    Folic Acid and B6?

    I don't think either of these are necessary to supplement, unless you're eating a very bad diet. In fact, too much folic acid can cause heart problems, so it's highly recommended not to supplement unless a doctor recommends it.
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    When are herbs ready to harvest?

    I think it's about ready, then, as it is at least close to that high now. I thought I was supposed to pick the leaves, not take the stalk with it, though. Right now, I want to use it fresh.
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    Perhaps because of the water and fiber content? I've never heard of them being used in detoxing before this, but they certainly wouldn't hurt. I've actually never heard of lime as a detox agent, either.
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    Tendons Healing?

    Tendons can take up to a year to heal, but it depends on how severe the damage is. Ligaments and tendons take the longest to heal of just about any tissue in the body.
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    Ant Bite

    What kind of ant is that? I've never been bitten by an ant, but I don't know if we have that type of ant up here in the northeast. I've heard of fire ants and carpenter ants - I believe they both bite, but we don't have those around here.
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    When are herbs ready to harvest?

    For example, I have a great looking basil plant but I don't know when I'm supposed to harvest the leaves. Are they ready to use as soon as they grow or should I wait until they're a certain size or something?
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    Trans fats linked to increased aggression

    Uh-oh. The next lawsuit against McDonald's is going to be claiming that the Big Mac made someone hurt or kill someone else. It's bad enough that they get blamed for making people fat.
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    Braces at 7?

    You normally can't do braces until around 12 years of age. If your friend's orthodontist puts braces on her 7-year-old, he's a doctor I would highly avoid as he's unethical, at the very least.
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    Pull Them Now Or Wait?

    If you need to make room, why wouldn't they pull back teeth instead? Unless there is a lot of gaps already, spacers will likely not help a lot if the teeth are going crooked, because that's usually a sign that there is a lack of space.
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    Muscadine Grapes

    Try blending with another wine grape to improve the flavor, if you don't care for that of the muscadine grapes. They're also good for making jellies and just regular juices.
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    How many?

    Holy cow, really? I am taking an iron supplement due to severe anemia and B-complex to help my thyroid, but that's it beyond my normal multi-vitamin. You should be getting your nutrients from your diet, not a bottle.
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    Safe and natural flea treatment

    I have been researching natural flea treatments and repellants lately, in an effort to help the pets go greener and safer. After watching my 3-yr-old niece hug up on the dog the morning after an Advantix treatment, it hit me that I don't want her getting those chemicals on her. In case others...
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    Hernia's common

    There are several different kinds of hernias, but the most common one is caused by lifting too much or lifting the wrong way, combined with an inherent weakness in the muscle wall or connective tissue. According to statistics, almost 1/3 of all people will suffer with a hernia at least once in...