Fertility Herbs Can Help You Conceive, Naturally!

Having trouble conceiving? Doing everything in your power, but still no confirmation on the pregnancy test? It may be time to turn to more natural alternatives to boost your fertility and dramatically improve your chances of conception. In fact, there are a handful of natural fertility herbs that you could be using to boost your chances and make that next time count.

Damiana Leaf

Native to South America, the Damiana Leaf is quite a small shrub. The leaves have been confirmed to stimulate the reproductive system as well as act as an excellent aid for fatigue. The herb has also been used as a sexual drive enhancer. It has been thought that it has this effect on people due to the possible presence of an alkaloid that mimics the hormone, testosterone.

Wild Yam

Wild Yam is essentially a vine that possesses a bulb very comparable to a potato. Found mostly in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, this herb contains what’s called “plant estrogen” which actually produces “estrogenic effects” that are very useful to females experiencing reproductive problems. The wild yam is also great for pregnant women experiencing nausea/morning sickness, and it has also been said to help prevent miscarriage.

Agnus Castus

Also known as the fruit of the chaste tree, this fruit contains iridoid glycosides, terpenoids, and flavonoids. These components will help to regulate periods in the case that they aren’t regular, and they will also help if you are having trouble ovulating due to an imbalance in hormones. It has also been known to help battle miscarriages, help with PMS as well as menopausal symptoms.

False Unicorn Root

False Unicorn Root is an endangered species, so it should not be taken if it’s not completely necessary. This has been confirmed to help regulate the ovaries and strengthen the lining of the womb. However, it’s important that you not consume this herbal treatment while pregnant!

Red Clover

Red Clover is another fertility herb, and it’s extremely common. It’s known for its properties that have been confirmed to enhance the chances of conception and its leaves are full of Vitamin B, protein, calcium. The Red Clover can also help to detoxify the blood. However, this herb has the ability to the thin the blood, so it should not be taken after surgery or if you have problems with blood clots.

Licorice Root

An herb that is found in the pea family, this one can be found all across the lands of Europe and Asia. This herb is also actually quite popular in Chinese medicine. It helps to improve immunity, reduce swelling, strengthen the liver and battle against menopausal symptoms. This herb is also great at regulating hormone levels.

Saw Palmetto Berries

Last but not least, it’s Saw Palmetto Berries. They’re very small and found throughout the United States as well as in the West Indies. They have been confirmed to stimulate sex hormones, and have been known to treat prostate enlargement. You would consume them by creating a decoction of a half teaspoon of berries to one cup water. 1-2 cups can be drank daily!

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