Energy Boost by Diffusing Essential Oils

Get an energy boost by diffusing essential oils. Aromatherapy effectively stimulates a body since the sense of smell goes directly to the brain. A variety of combinations and methods can bring the restoration a person seeks without medicine or commercial stimulants. Aromatherapy operates when essential oils evaporate into the air quickly. These absorb into your bloodstream quickly when you inhale them. With a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba, you can also work some of these oils into your system by massaging them into the skin. While aromatherapy addresses conditions from nausea to diarrhea, it can be particularly effective in combating fatigue and boosting energy.

Citrus scents
While very common, citrus may not first attract our attention as an energy reviver. Yet the simple smells of lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit go a long way in picking up a weary body. Not only does just the citrus scent help us perk up, but the chemical properties of these oils communicate with the nervous system to activate the motivation department yet calm down the oversensitive areas, so to speak. Lime oil mixed with basil can go a long way to refresh and refocus. Grapefruit with ginger can also work well together to invigorate and revive.

More combinations
A good, multi-purpose energy blend includes four aromatherapy oils: peppermint, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus. The lemon and peppermint will probably be more noticeable than all the others. Basil can help if you are needing physical energizing. If you have a headache or are struggling with concentration, push the rosemary concentration up a little. Tea tree works against all kinds of infections when used topically but will help improve mental alertness as well. If your emotions need a boost, splash in a little thyme, bergamot, or pine oil.

How to use essential oils for energy
First, make sure you have them on hand for the times and places you often suffer an energy lag. Rather than wait to the end of the day to repair all the damage, bring your aromatic remedy to work or school and recharge on the go so you can come home ready for life rather then being too exhausted to have one.

Applying the oils
Essential oils have to be defused by some means. One great way of getting these potent powers into the system is by taking a hot shower. Then again, cold showers do really well, too, when seeking to rejuvenate and energize. You may not find a shower very convenient a 1:45 in the afternoon at the office or while out calling on clients. Also, you may rub an oil in, to diffuse the compounds through your skin, but this might prove impractical in the middle of school or work. If your life calling keeps you employed behind a desk, purchase a plug in diffuser that will spread the fragrant powers of the essential oils in the air all around you. You may find colleagues coming into your zone for a high as well. All the better for that bonus, when the boss sees that you are stimulating productivity. On the go, purchase an inhaler for essential oils. These pocket-size accessories will prove invaluable to freshen your day and reclaim any airspace for energizing power. For temporary situations you can drip a few splashes onto a handkerchief to place near your face and inhale. A spritzer bottle of oils mixed with water (shake well before spraying) works as well. Be careful not to overdo it on some blends, however, as you might have a negative reaction.

Why pollute your body with energy drinks? Whipping your adrenals and other hormones into hype-action with caffeine, sugar, and other abusive elements will only give you jittery energy for the short-term. No one yet knows the long-term damages these potions bring. Get your energy boost by diffusing essential oils and inhale a sense of satisfaction when you do.

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