Easy Aromatherapy Gifts

Are you searching for a gift to give? Whether it is a holiday or birthday, giving the gift of aromatherapy products will be a big hit. Even men enjoy many of the products available today. With the different varieties and styles of aromatherapy products available, you can find an easy gift for anyone on your list.

What is Aromatherapy?

The basic concept of aromatherapy is the use of essentials oils, differentiated by their unique and distinctive scents, to change a person’s mood as well to help cure diseases and ailments. The healing power of scents have grown in popularity in the past decade, and there is now an abundance of aromatherapy products on the market today. Aromatherapy has been thought to help with moods such as depression and anxiety, as well as increase the libido and happiness, to name just a few. Giving the gift of aromatherapy products can be a very personal experience when you choose something that the recipient can truly use and enjoy.

Many people use aromatherapy during massages, meditation, romantic activities and exercise such as yoga. You can find an aromatherapy gist that can match almost anyone’s personality and likes.

Gels and Lotions

One of the loveliest gift ideas is the gift of aromatherapy gels, lotions, and other oils for the bath and shower. Many retail stores sell these types of bath products, as well as online. You can purchase gels and products that are fruity, woodsy, floral and more. Many products are meant for sensitive skin and contain gentle ingredients that help to soothe and calm.

Other bath and body aromatherapy gifts include cosmetic products, such as lip sticks and glosses. You can also find shampoos, conditioners and bath salts made from a variety of essential oils, to give your skin and hair a natural, calming experience in the bath. You can find products that are 100% natural, with no artificial colorants or additives, for any skin type. Make up a gift basket if you are unsure of what type of aromatherapy scent your recipient would like, and include a variety of different smells and scents!


Aromatherapy candles are another popular gift choice in this category. Patchouli essential oil is used to spice up a couple’s love life, and can be found in aromatherapy candles. Lavender is one of the most popular scents, known for having healing and calming benefits. It is also used for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic purposes. Lemongrass scents and orange are helpful for clearing the mind and promoting inspiration. Eculopytus candles can help with a cold as they are a decongestant. Sandalwood candles have a balsamic, woodsy scent and are widely used for meditation purposes.

Candles are a great and easy aromatherapy gift idea for anyone on your shopping list, men and women alike.


Know someone who already loves aromatherapy? Giving them a book that has recipes in it so that they can make their own aromatherapy products can be a great idea for Christmas, house-warming parties, birthdays or just because. They may even be able to use the recipes in these books to make a product that helps heal their ailments. An aromatherapy book will give step-by-step instructions on which essential oils work for what, how to mix them, what works the best and so on. Learn how to make your own aromatherapy candles, diffuser sets, bath oils, lotions, gels and more with an aromatherapy book.

If you choose this as a gift, you may also want to purchase the essential oils that you think they may enjoy the most, to help get them started. For the true aromatherapy lover, consider filling a huge gift basket with a variety of these products, from bath oils to candles to books on aromatherapy. Your gift will be one that is sure to be deeply appreciated and used for months or even years to come.

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