Drawing Out Negative Energy With Crystal Healing

Many people battle with negative energy. Negative energy can steal your vibrancy, enthusiasm, and zest for life. It can make you feel hopeless and depressed and prevent you from being productive and cut you off from others. If you want to rid yourself of negative energy, crystal healing is one of the ways you can do this. However, you have to find the right stones to work with. Some of the crystals you can use to banish negativity include topaz, citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, and moonstone. All of these gems have properties that promote the clearing away of psychic toxins.

Once you have procured your desired crystals, you then need to know how to use them in a crystal healing. The first thing you should do before a crystal healing is clean and cleanse your stones. To clean your crystals, take a clean dry cloth and gently rub your crystals to remove them of dirt and muck. If you have particularly stubborn debris on your crystal, you can immerse it in water and use a gentle scrub brush to remove it.

Next, you must cleanse your crystals of all of the energies of anyone who handled it before you, and charge it with positive, intentional vibrations. One of the ways you can cleanse and charge your crystals is to let them sit in the sun for several hours to absorb the ultraviolet rays. Some people even recommend letting the crystals sit outside for twenty-four hours so they can absorb the energy of both the sun and the moon. You could also place your crystals in water with sea salt added to it and let them absorb the cleansing saltwater energy for a full twenty-four hours. You can also say a prayer over your crystal, thinking positive thoughts.

In order to use your cleaned and charged crystal in healing, you need to set it to your own personal vibrations. When you tune your crystal, hold it in your hands and focus on the kind of outcome you want from the crystal. You can do affirmations or visualizations, or a combination of both. If you choose to do affirmations, be firm and speak in positive language. If you choose visualizations, be very clear when doing so. See the negative energies exiting your body with your mind’s eye. If it helps to associate them with a color, you can do that, and picture negative energy essences of the color of your choice leaving your body and being absorbed by the crystal. Imagine how different you will feel when all of the negativity has gone from your body.

To heal yourself of negativity, repeat this crystal healing ritual every day. You will know you are done with the healing when you feel optimistic, cheerful, and energetic. Be sure to cleanse and charge your crystal again after this healing, as you don’t want to transfer the negativity from the stone back into your being. Place your cleansed and charged crystal in a safe place where no one but you can handle it. You may want to consider keeping it in a silk pouch to protect it from the elements and from energies that may be wafting around your surroundings. That way, when you need to use the crystal again, it will be ready to assist you in another healing.

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