Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Herbs

When shopping for the best herbs to keep fit and healthy, don’t forget about our little furry friends. Pets can reap many benefits from a daily dose of certain herbs. Some of these herbs can be found in some dog and cat foods, but to get the maximum results, look for these ingredients in liquid vitamins or special dog/cat treats. These herbs are clinically proven to be not only safe for animals but highly advantageous.

Here are some of the top herbs for pets:

Borage comes from the Borage plant. This plant is grown in parts of Europe and the east coast of America. The use of Borage in humans stems back to medieval times when the plant was believed to relieve melancholy. When given to animals, Borage relieves inflammation of the skin.

The plant, Astragalus, is a member of the pea family. When used for medicinal purposes, usually just the roots are used. The history of Astragalus begins in ancient Chinese medicine when it was used as an anti-bacterial ointment and immune strengthening aid. In dogs and cats, the same benefits are seen. It also aids in digestion and hypertension.

Also called the American Bistort plant, this beautiful plant has a big white bloom which holds its key herbal ingredients, although, the entire plant is eaten by wildlife and livestock. The roots and the leaves are considered highly helpful in reducing and even preventing fever and ague.

For both humans and animals, this is somewhat of a wonder herb. Eleuthero comes from the Eletherococcus Senticosa plant with the medicinal part coming from its roots. In humans, this herb has been used for everything from improving mental functioning to treating the HIV epidemic. In animals, the benefits include increasing physical stamina and increase energy levels. This plant makes older dogs feel like bouncy puppies again.

Wild Yam
Also great for both humans as well as animals, Wild Yam boosts cardiovascular health and the immune system. Also know as Colic Root, Chinese Yam and Bitter Yam, this herb also eases mild pain and physical discomfort that comes with aging in animals.

Licorice has been used for centuries in both eastern and traditional western medicine. The benefits have recently been extended to animals as studies have shown an improvement in the adrenal glands of cats and dogs. Licorice is also used to treat cough, stomach inflammation, pulmonary disease, dry lung, bronchitis and digestive diseases in dogs and cats.

Deglycyrrhizinated (DGL) Licorice
This is an extract of licorice and is also very beneficial for animals. However, when used independently, the benefits of Deglycyrrhizinated (DGL) Licorice are completely different than that of licorice. This extract is used to increase the life span of intestinal cells, improve blood flow, treat stomach ulcers and to treat inflammatory bowel disease. This licorice extract can also stop excessive vomiting and chronic diarrhea in animals.

Many woodland creatures eat dandelion as it grows in the wild. These animals innately know the benefits of this flower. The benefits are extended to domesticated pets as well. The entire plant of the Dandelion flower has been used for decades to reduce indigestion in livestock and pets, increase digestive metabolism, relieves constipation, increases appetite and to help their bodies absorb other nutrients. Giving your pet the benefits of dandelion is as simple as crumbling up some dried flowers and adding it to their foods. Many dog and cat liquid vitamins contain dandelion as well.

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