Do You Want To Learn To Hypnotize Someone?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to hypnotize someone? Hypnotism has been around as long as mankind and is a very real form of reaching into the subconscious mind. It is used as a scientific means to enhance healing, change patterns of behavior, and improve confidence. If you want to safely and effectively attempt hypnosis on someone, it is important to follow some basic steps.

The first step is to speak to the subject about hypnotism. Ask if he or she has ever been put under hypnosis before. If the answer is yes, discuss the encounter fully. Find out if it was a positive or negative session. Someone who has had a good experience is more likely to fall into a trance than someone who has had a difficult session. If the subject is wary of being hypnotized, remind him or her that nothing will happen against his or her will. Reassure the subject that hypnosis is beneficial, and everything that takes place can be easily remembered after the session.

The next step is to prepare the setting. Turn off or dim the lights, and place a few scented candles nearby. Turn off any electronics, including cell phones and other communication devices. It is a good idea to post a note on your door stating you are not to be disturbed. Ask the subject to lie down or sit comfortably. It is important that he or she is in a position that is conducive to sleep.

Once your subject is resting comfortably, speak to him or her in a slow, calm voice. Speaking in a soothing voice will allow the subject to feel safe and encourage proper relaxation. Tell the subject to close his or her eyes and begin slowly breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Instruct him or her to calm the mind by expelling any worries or fears with each exhale.

Encourage the light, dream-like feeling that he or she will be developing. Focus on having the subject relax various body parts. This will help create a state of tranquility by distracting him or her from negative thoughts. Speak softly to the subject, reminding him or her that it is time for the body to relax and shut down. Take your time during this process. Offer positive reinforcement every so often.

When an initial state of relaxation has begun, have the subject imagine a silvery liquid slowly filling his or her body from feet to head. Some hypnotists suggest imagining a peaceful waterfall covering the subject from head to toe. This gives the subject a destination point for total relaxation.

Once the subject is in a full trance, you can begin suggesting specific ideas or actions. The subconscious mind will be in a vulnerable condition, which allows the subject to visualize any situation you suggest. You can use this state to encourage changes in bad behavior or thoughts. Help the subject to picture the positive results of modifying his or her attitude. Because the subconscious mind is a sponge at this point, the subject will distinctly remember the good feelings that came from the change.

When you are ready to conclude the hypnosis, tell the subject you will count to five and the session will be over. Remind him or her that the feeling of relaxation will not disappear. Count slowly, and strengthen the tone of your voice with each number. At five, tell your subject to open his or her eyes. Once the subject is fully awake, discuss the session completely. Reinforce any suggestions made during the hypnosis, since the post-hypnotic mind is very accepting.

Hypnotism is an effective form of psychotherapy. If you find people who are willing to let you into their subconscious minds, you can successfully improve their lives with hypnosis.

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