Do I Have to Believe in Reiki for It to Work?

Do I Have to Believe in Reiki for It to WorkReiki involves the practice of directing the energy of the “life force” through oneself. That energy comes from the Divine and will pulsate through your being like a drum. You do, but you do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work. This is one of the many wise paradoxes of human existence. Energy comes to you every day, even if you never give energy one thought. If you are low on energy, then a conscious awareness and a thought, or a deliberate practice such as Reiki, will add to your energy levels exponentially.

The more open you are to alternative medicine, the more it can be of help to you. Openness is not necessarily a belief, but it can come from your beliefs. If you believe the world is basically a safe place and that your personal God wants you to be happy and well, the more likely things will work as they should for you.

The unknown sometimes brings with it a degree of fear, and fear will invariably block you from experiences. Fear tends to close down the body systems and speak the word “no” to you. Your fear that you do not know what the Reiki experience is all about may create an atmosphere where positive energies will not flow much at all. Fear that you will not have any experience with Reiki or other forms of medicine will always stand in the way of medicine’s positive benefits. Remember, your beliefs create your reality.

Trust in the Reiki Master is so important if you wish to have the utmost success with this wonderful tool for living. Once you have learned how to use the tool of Reiki, it is something that you can do on your own. This makes it all the more valuable. You will not have to be dependent on someone else for your experiences. You can practice Reiki in the comfort of your own home and in the comfort of your own company. It is available to you night or day, whenever you feel the need arise for a greater surge of positive energy. When doing the practices of Reiki, you are privately getting in touch with your spirit. At that point, you are able to open yourself to the higher energies, the God forces.

One enormous benefit of Reiki is the replacement and negation of negative energies that reside in each of us. When in relationship with others, we are always exposed to their energies, good or bad. It is never a positive to hold anyone’s energies but our own. When calling for good energy, through Reiki, we are not only calling for something new and good, but we are also releasing negativity to make room for the positive. Negativity expresses as negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, fear and always tends to be predominate in our lives, until we “let go” of it. It also expresses as inordinate tiredness, sleepiness and a sense of physical and mental weakness.

The practice of Reiki can do phenomenally great things for you. It can raise your vibrations and allow you to move forward as a more positive and energetic person. This will aid you in accomplishing your goals and help in making all of your dreams come true. Reiki can be as mundane or as magical as you choose. Really, everything is always up to you, and therein lays your power.

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