Discover How A Natural Colon Cleansing Works

Many people spend thousands of dollars trying to keep up their outer appearance. Make up, face creams, and clothing are popular ways to accessorize and compliment the body. Neglecting the colon causes problems that are reflected in appearance. When the colon is clogged it is reflected visibly. Some beauty problems caused by a clogged colon cannot be masked with special clothes or make up. Here are some tips to understand how a natural colon cleansing works.

Many natural healers associate a clogged colon with disease and death. Ancient civilizations throughout the world had herbs and potions used during specific times of the year to cleanse the body. Some civilizations ate a special type of clay. These practices were often repeated when someone was having certain minor health problems.

Symptoms of a clogged colon are acne, distended stomach, and being constantly tired. A clogged colon is a breeding ground for parasites to thrive and flourish. People who suffer from parasites may crave a certain type of food, or eat and not feel full. Nutrients from healthy vitamin rich foods cannot be properly absorbed if the colon is clogged with fecal matter.

Natural colon cleansing works by using herbs to scrub the intestines. Old fecal matter is removed and flushed through the bowels. It is important to drink eight or more glasses of water and other liquids throughout the day. Water is needed to help push the herbal formula throughout the body. Some people find that using an herbal laxative nightly helps to have a predictably timed bowel movement at the start of day.

Colon cleansing formulas are either in pill or powder form. The pills should be swallowed with a large glass of water. The herbs may expand when swallowed and need immediate water. If a colon cleansing powder is used always follow the directions and use the suggested amount of mixing liquid.

Cleansing the body with a colon cleanse may increase the number of bowel movements. A clean healthy colon should have three eliminations each day. Many people who regularly consume processed foods and may not be active may suffer from only having one bowel movement a day or every few days.

It is common to sometimes feel tired if heavy foods are consumed while during a colon cleanse. During the cleanse avoid eating fast foods. Eating soups and salads can help the digestive system not expend too much energy.

After the colon cleanse is completed the stomach may release several pounds of waste. This may result in a visibly smaller waistline. The results can be maintained by increasing the amount of grains, fruits, and vegetables eaten. Consider doing a new colon cleanse in the spring and winter to increase personal vitality.

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