Day Spa Swedish Massages-An Overview of What it Entails

A day spa is a tranquil environment, full of lush décor and wonderful aromas made to entice the senses. Upon entering a day spa the stress of the world melts away and the client should feel enveloped in a healing and warm environment. It’s no surprise then that a Swedish massage is one of the most requested services at most day spas.

A Swedish massage is a massage that encompasses the basic massage movements of Petri sage, effleurage, and tapotment. These movements help relieve stress, muscle aches, and increase circulation to the entire body. These three massage movements each work to help the body relax as well as ease strain on tired muscles and joints.
To ensure comfort clients are given plush robes and relaxation sandals, as well as herbal tea to calm the mind and body. This not only allows the client to unwind, but also ensures that their clothes will not be damaged by any massage oils or lotions. After relaxing with their tea in the spa’s tranquility room the client will be greeted by the therapist who will then lead them into the treatment room.
Most therapists will ask the client if they have any specific areas of tension that they would like them to focus on, as well as asking them how much pressure they desire. It’s important for a client to let the therapist know of any areas they feel that they made need more help with. While a Swedish massage does focus on the entire body, many therapists are happy to put more time and energy into a specific area that a client requests.
While the client disrobes, the therapist will step out of the room to allow for privacy. Upon entering many therapists will perform a foot bath ritual. This ritual involves cleansing the feet with essential oils and scented warm towels. It’s not only soothing, but hygienic as well. After the foot bath ritual is performed the Swedish massage will begin.
Many massage therapists have different ways of starting their Swedish massage. Some therapist feel that its important to start a massage face down, as this allows for clients with sinus problems to drain their nasal cavities and not leave the massage stuffy and congested. Many other therapists start their massage face up because they feel that it’s important to have the back saved for the very end of the massage, as this is the area most people have problems with. Whatever their preference, all therapist will focus on the full body during a Swedish massage and will give the level of pressure the client needs.
Oils and lotions are an important part of every massage experience. Most of these products are made with essential oils to soothe or stimulate the skin, as well as provide an aromatic ambiance. Many therapists heat their oils prior to starting a massage which helps to loosen up tense muscles as well as create a luxurious sensation.
While the client relaxes into the comfort of the rich sheets and wonderful scents, the therapist methodically moves from one muscle group to the other to help loosen the stress and strain that daily life can inflict on the body. The massage movements, combined with the luxurious oils and atmosphere, provide a truly serene experience.
With a trained hand and vast knowledge of the body, a massage therapist is often able to undo years of aches and pains in one relaxing Swedish massage. Not one muscle group is missed, and the client leaves feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and completely renewed. A Swedish massage is an amazing experience that a client will cherish and remember.

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