Choose the Perfect Day Spa for Your Man

All men can benefit from the relaxation and pampering of a day spa. Unfortunately, not all men feel comfortable walking through the door of a spa. There are a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to picking a day spa for your man.

If this will be your man’s first trip to a spa, it can be worth it to splurge on a spa experience that will warm him up to the idea of coming back to a day spa in the future. Choose a massage therapist with a good reputation. If you don’t have a favorite spa, ask around to find out about good ones in your area. A positive experience will set the stage for how he feels about day spa visits in the future.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is perfectly normal to visit the spa ahead of time and check out the facility and what services are offered. Try to choose a location that is relaxing and soothing, without being frilly and overly feminine. Finding a day spa with individual rooms for everything may be important to your man. The idea of having a private room for his facial, massage, or even his pedicure, can help a man feel comfortable in a day spa setting.

Its okay to ask the day spa’s owner if they have many male patrons and if they have any advice for choosing a good spa package for a man. Many spas have a high percentage of male patrons and have services designed especially to suit their relaxation needs. It is often worth the time to find a good spa that is used to having men. Certain massage therapists may also be better trained to work with men and focus on areas of back and shoulder pain that can be more common in men. Taking the time to find the right people can make a huge impact on his experience.

If your man is particularly reluctant, consider going to the day spa together. Many day spas offer wonderful couples packages that will allow you to relax and enjoy a massage together. Others will have packages that allow you to have some treatments together and some separately. For their first time at a spa, many men would be more comfortable going to a day spa along with their partner. This not only will give you a wonderful experience as a couple, but may help him to relax and enjoy the spa experience. If he feels uncomfortable at any point, he can always say that he’s here with you. It can also be a great stepping stone to get him comfortable with the idea of going back in the future.

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