Chiropractor Recommended Resolutions to Improve Your Back Health

Chiropractor Recommended Resolutions to Improve Your Back HealthAppointments with a chiropractic specialist can be extremely helpful to people who suffer from back pain, but other simple solutions can add to back pain relief. Adjustments from a chiropractor are meant to correct spinal alignment and take pressure off of spinal nerves. People who go through chiropractic adjustments experience open space in the spine, which creates a relieving feeling in the back. Sessions with a chiropractor improve the health of the entire nervous system, so mobility and less pain in the entire body often result, as well as overall well being to any part connected to the nervous system.

Accompanying trips to the chiropractor are some simple solutions that can keep one feeling healthy and happy with minimal back pain:

1. Sleep For Health
Sleep allows the body to rest, and when an individual acquires the correct amount of sleep a night, overall health improves. Certain sleeping positions are best for different individuals, so individuals should talk to their chiropractor about which position is best for them. Some benefit from sleeping on their side while others feel the best results after sleeping on their back with a pillow below the knees. Beds and pillows with proper support are also helpful in achieving a restful night’s sleep.

2. Staying Active
People were designed to be continually active, which means the spine was made for constant movement. Though, with age, movement seems to become more and more difficult, continuing to move can actually make the body less stiff and more functional. Cardio exercise can improve movement for the entire body, including the spine. Lifting weights to build a strong support system for the spine is a great solution when accompanied with a gentler form of exercise, like Yoga, to keep the muscles relaxed. Being active also keeps off some extra weight, which takes pressure off of the spine and relieves pain.

3. Stretch
When muscles are tight, they create a lot of pressure that stays on the spinal chord. Even tightness in the legs can pull on the pelvis bone and set off spine alignment. When joints are under pressure, they do not allow bone movement to be fluent and eventually cause pain. As mentioned before, exercises like Yoga can positively affect the joints of the spine and enhance overall well being.

4. Keep The Body Hydrated
Every system of the body requires water to perform properly, so water is an important part of a healthy diet. Joint health needs water just as the rest of the body does, and this is crucial to warding off back pain due to lack of water in joints in the spine. Discs of padding between the vertebrae can actually shrink without the proper amount of water taken in daily. With less padding, individuals experience more pain and are at risk of spinal ruptures or bulges. Nutritionist say women should drink about 9 glasses of water a day to maintain great health.

5. Posture At Work
Poor posture is often not thought about seriously but contributes greatly to back pain. At work, sitting with the back straight but relaxed can add to the relief from back pain by keeping the spine in the alignment it was created for. Chiropractors normally encourage patients to take breaks at work and walk around to keep the body less stiff, rather than staying in one sitting position all day. Making sure chairs sat in for long periods of time have good back support can improve back pain relief as well. When sitting in a chair, the knees should be at a 90 degree angle and feet should comfortably sit on the floor.

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