Chinese Herbal Remedies for Diabetes

Chinese herbal remedies have been recognized by healers as effective and safe ways to treat illnesses for centuries. Diabetes is a common problem among populations worldwide, and Chinese healers have developed herbal remedies to deal with the illness in a way that brings harmony to the body and mind.

Prevalent Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin that causes it difficult for the body to process glucose properly. Diabetes symptoms change as the level of glucose in a diabetic’s system changes. As the level of glucose varies, it can cause a diabetic to feel extremely thirsty and hungry all of the time. Diabetics can become lightheaded and dizzy, and sometimes lose consciousness entirely. Even though a diabetic is always hungry and thirsty, they will lose weight at a frightening pace. In Chinese medicine, diabetes is called the Wasting and Thirsting disease because of this tendency. Without treatment, diabetes can lead to loss of limbs, blindness, and eventual death.

Specific Chinese Herbs for Treating Diabetes

One of the most interesting Chinese herbs for treating diabetes is called Mai Men Dong. This herb increases pancreatic health, which can lead to an increased level of insulin production. Since diabetes is caused by insulin deficiency, any natural insulin stimulant will help decrease the symptoms of diabetes. It is possible that Mai Men Dong, used in the proper amounts, could actually reverse diabetes in some patients. Tian Hua Fen is another effective Chinese herb that helps with diabetic symptoms. Tian Hua Fen helps absorb excess glucose, which keeps a patient’s blood sugar levels at a more consistent level. Chinese Wild Yam and Astralagus are also very effective herbs in the treatment of diabetic symptoms.

Why Chinese Herbs are Effective Alternatives

The Chinese approach to medical treatment lends itself very well to the problem of diabetes. The Chinese believe that all illnesses are caused by an imbalance within the body’s systems. Their treatments are aimed toward regaining that important balance in patients who suffer from diabetes. The extreme nature of diabetic symptoms illustrate an imbalance perfectly. Diabetics experience extreme thirst and hunger, while exhibiting massive weight loss. These extremes cause Chinese herbalists to approach the illness from a different perspective than Western doctors. The Chinese believe in a whole body, or holistic, approach that takes into consideration all of the body’s systems when treating a specific problem. Diabetics respond to holistic treatment very well.

Modern Support for Chinese Diabetic Treatments

A growing number of mainstream physicians are beginning to support the use of Chinese herbs for treating diabetic symptoms. Research studies have been performed to test the effectiveness of many of the most popular herbs, and the results have been very positive. Supplementing a normal Western regimen of diet and exercise with Chinese herbal remedies may be the most effective way to treat diabetes. There is even a chance that Chinese herbs could be the key to curing diabetes in some patients. Herbs that help the body to naturally regenerate insulin levels and absorb excess glucose could help reduce the number of people who suffer from the extreme effects of diabetes.

Continue to Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

Even if you are on a complete regimen of Chinese herbal remedies for your diabetes, don’t neglect to continue monitoring your blood sugar. The herbs will make you feel better and stabilize your body’s systems, but they are not proven cures for diabetes. Monitoring your blood sugar regularly will keep you informed about your health and better able to react if your blood sugar levels should begin to rise unexpectedly. The consequences of a large swing in blood sugar levels can be too dangerous to ignore.

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