Chakra Balancing Meditation – Read and Relax Right Away

When your chakras fall out of alignment, it is easy for your life to also fall out of alignment. When your chakras fall out of balance, the discord can be reflected in your life in a variety of ways, including through illness, emotional baggage, bad moods, uncertainty, and other issues of daily life. When you perform a meditation to balance your chakra, the disparate pieces of your life can be brought back into alignment and help you fulfill your daily goals. The following article will provide you with a simple procedure you can try at home to help restore your chakra so you can read it and relax right away.

The first step is to get into a position that is comfortable for you. Depending on your body and your surroundings, you might find yourself lying down, sitting in a chair, or reclining in some other way. Let your comfort be the guide. Once you are in the position, the next step is to further relax your body. Start at the tips of the toes on your feet. Picture a light that travels slowly up your body; it is warm and white and glowing. It relaxes your muscles as it moves. It travels up your feet and tension floats away. It moves up over your ankles and your feet begin to relax. It moves up your calves and travels up your knees. Your discomfort and tension begins to melt away. The light that is soft and glowing then moves up your thighs to your hips. Your pelvic bowl is filled with light that is warm and comforting. Your muscles soften as the light continues to move over your belly into your back. The light is warm and moving up your chest and into your shoulders; your muscles release their tension. Imagine the light flowing into your arms and out through your fingertips. Imagine the warmth traveling up your neck and into your skull. Picture it flowing all over your face, your muscles calming down and your face entering a state of true relaxation.

The next step is to take your attention to the base of your spine; here you will find the base chakra that rests and bring red calmness. Explore this chakra; embrace the brightness and the warmth. Yours may be spinning quickly or slowly. Look for messages. It will be connected to the most basic of your life’s needs. Clean the orb. Make it brighter. Have it spin in a clockwise fashion.

Next turn your attention to a spot higher on your body, somewhere in between the bowl of your pelvis and your navel. Your sacral chakra can be found here; it is colored orange. Look through this center of power and see what comes out of it. Listen for any special messages that emanate from the source. Is the point a fast or a slow spinner? How bright is it? Clean the orb and set it in clockwise motion.

Next turn your attention to your heart. The heart chakra will be found here; it is colored green and is connected to both compassion and love. Take a look at the center and examine its brightness. Marvel at how quickly it spins. Look for the messages you receive from this region. As with the other orbs, you will want to brighten this one and increase its spin in the clockwise direction.

Next you will want your focus to keep moving higher along your body while the lower chakras you have keep on spinning and glowing in the colors you described. Your attention can move from place to place until it lands at peace at your throat. The blue power center is located here; this center is connected to communication. Listen to the messages that await you here. Visualize the speed of the spin and the weight of the glow. Clean the orb. Repeat this process, balancing your chakras.

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