Create Space by Growing Herbs in Hanging Baskets

The benefits of herbs harvested fresh from the garden don’t have to be lost due to lack of garden space. Herbs are easy to grow, and if the home does not allow a kitchen garden or have a porch or terrace to place containers for a small herb garden, just look up.

Growing Perennial Herbs is Easier than You Think

Flavoring your food naturally and bringing nutrition and nature back into your diet is really quite easy, much easier than you would think. Growing perennial herbs within your own kitchen is really quite easy and allows you to have full access to these flavors while they grow within your home. Although you may think there […]

What Types of Herbs to Use in an Italian Herb Garden

An Italian herb garden is a beautiful addition to the home. Italian herbs have many different purposes and blend together perfectly to provide many wonderful flavors for cooking.

Growing Herbs – Cilantro

Cilantro is a simple and rewarding herb to grow at home. It is alternatively referred to as Chinese parsley or coriander leaves. Its seeds are commonly known as coriander and are also used as a spice. Cilantro is a popular herb in many different cultures. It is a mainstay of Mexican and Spanish cooking, as […]

Uncommon Ways For Growing Fresh Herbs Indoors

An indoor herb garden will allow for a constant supply of fresh herbs no matter what the season. Herb leaves and stems for cooking, teas, health remedies or crafts will be ready available. There are places other than the kitchen windowsill to grow fresh herbs. The beauty and scent of herbs allows the homeowner to […]

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