Kitchen Herb Gardening

Growing a kitchen herb garden is a rewarding hobby. The plants add style and color to the home and offer fresh flavors for the kitchen. Most herbs will thrive in a sunny windowsill, and gardeners can propagate plants inside or out. Choosing a variety is one of the first things to do, and there are […]

Container Garden Herbs for Beginning Gardeners

Container gardens are becoming more popular as more people that don’t have the space for a ground garden are wanting to enjoy and experience the art of gardening. Herbs are one of the easiest kind plants to grow in containers. They can be placed in a sunny window or on a balcony in an apartment […]

Fertilizing the Organic Garden

Fertilizing allows you to enjoy better flavors and yields than if you simply let nature take its course. It also ensures that your plants have everything they need to stave off disease, withstand stress and pests and grow vigorously. Here are some tips for fertilizing your organic garden.

Easy Indoor Herb Garden

Those looking to start an indoor herb garden should follow some basic guidelines in order to have a better chance at success.

Herb Pests: Fungus Gnats

Herbs are generally viewed as healthy, healing plants. They are often described as “the spice of the garden.” As a result, many people think herb gardens are free from pests. Unfortunately, this is false thinking.

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