Top Five Proven Herbs for Containers

Chefs and health professionals alike tout the benefits of fresh herbs. For most busy adults, creating a large container of mixed herbs is the easiest way to go. Container gardening allows consumers to conveniently keep their herbs in the kitchen or right outside the back door. If one environment proves to be too harsh, the […]

Raising Your Own Herbs From Seed

Who does not love enhancing their meals with the delicious and exotic flavors of herbs? We have to be careful of the fat content of our diets, and many people find that herbs often take the place of fats and sugary sauces. Making a habit of cooking with healthful organic herbs is a great way […]

Making Your Own Compost Teas

For those who are unfamiliar with compost tea, compost tea is not intended for human consumption but rather to fertilize plants. It is easily one of the best ways to fertilize and feed plants. While compost itself is extremely useful, compost tea, which is made from compost steeped in water, allows the plants to better […]

How To Start Your Own Herb Garden

One of the best ways to acquire medicinal herbs is to grow your own. Growing your own herbs confers a lot of benefits. First, it will save you a good deal of money. Medicinal herbs are expensive, but once you pay for the seeds or the plants, your harvests will be practically free. More importantly, […]

Plan Your Herb Garden Before You Dive In

Having you own herb garden can be fun and rewarding! Once you have had one for a good a mount of time, you can use your own herbs earned with hard work to create the perfect dish without running to the store to purchase what you need. Nothing feels better than being self sufficient and […]

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