Easy Aromatherapy Gifts

Are you searching for a gift to give? Whether it is a holiday or birthday, giving the gift of aromatherapy products will be a big hit. Even men enjoy many of the products available today. With the different varieties and styles of aromatherapy products available, you can find an easy gift for anyone on your […]

You Can Find Relief For Nausea With Aromatherapy

Is there anything worse than the feeling of nausea? That uncomfortable feeling in your stomach as if you are going to vomit at any time? Nausea can be caused by many things; a stomach virus, morning sickness, a hangover, chemotherapy, traveling, and many others. The feeling of nausea is caused when the flow of gastric […]

Natural Aromatherapy Aphrodisiacs With 10 Romantic Essential Oils

Essential oils are a concentrated oil derived from a plant that also contains a distinctive, desirable scent or essence for which that oil is named, such as lavender oil as an example. These oils can be used for a variety of purposes, but one of the most popular uses is for aromatherapy – a form […]

How Essential Oil Candles Are Made

If you are anything like most people, catching a whiff of a scented candle display induces you to stop and smell the offerings. While most scented candles smell appealing, you may be attracted to some scents more than others. Candles made with essential oils, for example, have a more earthy and attractive scent, in many […]

A Little About Aromatherapy For Anxiety and Stress

Aromatherapy is basically a very old form of treatment. It involves the use of fragrance for the treatment of physical symptoms, but also for mood and relaxation. This kind of treatment is not a cure for any particular ailment of disease but it does indeed assist in bringing a balance to one’s being.

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