Can Aromatherapy Help Me?

Can Aromatherapy Help MeNatural healing is an art that incorporates a wide range of potential products and methods. Aromatherapy is one method of providing natural healing, but it is not necessarily the best or only solution to personal health problems. Understanding when it might help and when it is not the best natural option is a key part of getting personal health in order.

Basics of Aromatherapy:

Before it is possible to determine if the natural healing will help individual conditions, it is important to learn what it is and how it works. Without learning about the basics, it is not possible to use aromatherapy properly in healing.

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plants and essential oils to make alterations to heal. It is most commonly applied to mood and cognitive functioning, though it is useful in some health situations as well.

The scents used in aromatherapy are primarily plant-based and usually promote a particular type of mood. For example, lemon oil is often used to help improve mood by encouraging the mind and body to relax. The scent of lemons induces a state of relaxation that ultimately reduces stress and cuts back on anxious feelings. The result is an improvement in overall mood and an anti-depressant reaction.

The smell encourages particular changes in the mind or body that help improve the situation. In most cases, aromatherapy is used as a form of stress relief, mood enhancers or encouraging change in the mental state. It is primarily used with depression, anxiety, stress and clarity of mind. In some situations, it will also help encourage improvements to memory or trigger particular thinking processes when it is used consistently.

In general, aromatherapy does not work on health conditions unless it is stress and mood related. Some essential oils used in aromatherapy do have other uses, such as the use of tea tree oil to reduce the risk of infection, but it is not always considered part of aromatherapy when oils or plants are used in other natural healing methods.

Best Practices in Healing:

Aromatherapy has two main purposes in healing: changes to mood and a complement to other healing methods. In many cases, aromatherapy is used in conjunction with other healing methods, such as massage, to encourage stress relief or cognitive changes that improve the effectiveness of other treatments.

The best way to use aromatherapy for improved health is through a combination of other natural healing, stress reduction and improved mood. When the goal is reducing stress or improving the mood, the scents are often enough to work for most individuals. Sometimes, other healing methods are used at the same time to improve the impact of aromatherapy or to encourage relaxation for better results during other treatment options.

When Aromatherapy Is Not Appropriate:

Aromatherapy is not a miracle treatment. It is an enhancement and an mood changing treatment. It is not always the most appropriate or best option for every situation.

Aromatherapy does not heal most physical ailments. While some oils might aid in healing or the prevention of infections, the scents alone will not heal problems like diabetes, cancer or serious physical ailments. When used in conjunction with traditional treatments, the aromatherapy can help get the condition under control or encourage improved immune health to improve the situation.

The scent treatments are also not appropriate treatments when it is applied topically and the skin is sensitive. While the scent might still have an impact on the body, some oils are harsh and should not be used on sensitive skin. When used on sensitive skin, rashes or discomfort might occur due to the oil.

Key Warnings:

Aromatherapy is not used for epilepsy or high blood pressure. Some oils might make the condition worse in these situations, particularly when the body is under high levels of stress.

Pregnant women should not used aromatherapy without first discussing the appropriate oils with a doctor. Some oils are known to harm an unborn child and should never be used in any form of aromatherapy during pregnancy.

Aromatherapy can help in many situations, but it is not always the best natural treatment. The scent treatments are best when dealing with mood, stress and similar problems.

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