Best Essential Oils for Beginners

Best Essential Oils for BeginnersGetting started with essential oils can be a daunting endeavor, especially for individuals who have little to no experience. However, learning how to use essential oils to address various mental and physical ailments can be a useful skill. While every essential oil has their own healing properties, some essential oils are better for beginners than others. Beginners should look for essential oils that have multiple uses and are non-toxic and non-irritants, as this will prevent them from causing harm should they accidentally misuse the oils.

Peppermint is one of the best essential oils a beginner can have on hand. It can be used to treat a number of different common ailments. When placed on the temples or rubbed into the palm of the hand, peppermint can help to reduce the severity of a headache and can sometimes eliminate it entirely. It can also be held over the nose and mouth or inhaled – both ways will help to get rid of headaches. When peppermint is applied directly to the stomach, it can help to relieve stomachaches. Sore throats can be treated by inhaling the oil or simply placing one or two drops in the mouth. However, peppermint essential oil should only be consumed if it is therapeutic-grade.

Lavender is another must have essential oil for any beginner because of the number of benefits it provides. It is perhaps one of the best essential oils to use when treating burns. However, beginners should make sure they purchase 100% lavender oil, not lavandin, which is a hybrid. Lavandin will actually worsen burns. If lavender is applied directly to the skin, it can help to heal wounds and even treat acne. When placed at the bottom of the feet before bed, lavender can help to induce a deep sleep. Like peppermint, inhaling lavender essential oil will help to treat headaches and sinus trouble.

Lemon oil, which comes from the skin of lemons, is great for cleansing internally and externally. When a drop or two is placed in water, it can help to purify it and remove any toxins. It can also be used as a sanitizer. Many use it after they leave public restrooms rather than using harsh alcohol-based sanitizers. Lemon oil is great for beginners because it is the safest of all essential oils and can rarely cause any harm.

There are several different essential oils that can help to strengthen the immune system. Cinnamon, ginger and other hot spices can not only stimulate the immune system but can also help to alleviate respiratory problems. These essential oils are useful for killing bacteria and viruses. In order for it to support the body’s systems, they should be applied at the bottom of the feet before bed. They can also be applied directly to the throat or stomach.

Beginners should choose essential oils that address a number of different issues but are still safe and non-toxic. By working with safe essential oils in the beginning, it can help beginners develop an understanding for how essential oils work and the best way to use them to address different mental and physical ailments. The essential oils listed above are the perfect ones to choose to begin to build a solid understanding of essential oils.

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