Benefits of Tai Chi

One of the oldest and traditional Chinese martial arts is Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is made up of fine, mild, and gentle movements that is now used as a relaxation technique for stress reduction. It is popularly known as “meditation in motion” because it associates the mind to the body using gentle and slow movements.

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise with some stretching. The one who is performing Tai Chi does graceful and rhythmical stances at a slow, gentle pace. The position is changed gradually and progressively and there is no chance for the body to rest.

Tai chi has more than one thousand slow dance-like exercises that start from simple to more complicated steps. People who want to have the benefit of this exercise should know how to perform the correct stances and positions.

The ancient and traditional form of martial arts has now become a world known therapy. Tai chi has multiple health benefits especially in stress reduction.

Stress has been one of the most common health problem encountered by most people today. Because of the fast paced environment and different problems sprouting here and there, stress can be easily developed. The worst thing about stress is the fact that it can cause or aggravates a certain condition. For instance, sudden increase in blood pressure can be brought by a very stressful situation.

The goal of Tai Chi is to help people control their stress thus preventing it to cause bigger problems. It helps the mind to relax and to bring out the stress in its every slow movement.

Tai Chi can also enhance muscle strength resulting to improved balance. Chronic back pains will also be relieved using this graceful exercise. Tai Chi is really helpful for people with hypertension because it improves blood circulation.

Sleep quality will also be improved with Tai Chi. It also enhances individual’s agility, endurance, and energy. The regulation of the breathing process is also managed by these rhythmical motions which are used for relaxation techniques.

According to some researches, Tai Chi can also help in managing type II Diabetes. It is said to be the natural way to improve blood glucose levels. This exercise also enhances the mind and body of Diabetic people. After a six months study, it shows that the people involved achieved better control on their glucose levels, gave more attachment in doing self-care activities, and has improved the quality of their lives.

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